Jovi Skyler - Nothing to Do - Album Review - 90s Alternative Grunge / Punk Rock from Sydney, Australia

Jovi Skyler - Nothing to Do - Album Review - 90s Alternative Grunge / Punk Rock from Sydney, Australia

Today, I delve into the nostalgic world of an  alternative grunge / punk rock project, Jovi Skyler, hailing from Sydney, Australia. His first studio album, "Nothing to Do," was released on May 19th, 2022.

JOVI SKYLER - IF YOU THINK SO (Offical Music Video)

Video : Edited by Jovi Skyler. Movies : The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2006), My Own Private Idaho (1991), and Dune (1984). Disclaimer: Parts of the resources used in the video belongs to their respective owners.

Another sunny Tuesday here in the mountains of Lucerne, and I’m trying something new – writing my daily review outside. The breathtaking nature view in front of me serves the mood as I delve into the world of Jovi Skyler and his debut album that I was introduced to about a week ago. After giving it several listens on repeat, exploring the artist's socials, and checking out his YouTube library, I’d like to share my thoughts on this intriguing work.

First and foremost, while I’ve never been a big fan of '90s punk, grunge, or alternative rock, I can’t deny their heavy influence on my musical taste and development. As someone who grew up listening to the heavy music of the '90s, Jovi Skyler’s debut album immediately captured my attention as the passionate creation of a dedicated artist. Impressively, he’s the one-man orchestra behind the entire project – from visualization to execution, composition to instrumentation, tracking to album production. His unapologetic approach fearlessly incorporates the nostalgic vibes of '90s alternative, grunge, and punk rock, forming the distinctive character of his debut album, although a little familiar.

As I mentioned, the album concept is infused with the influences of '90s alternative, punk, grunge, and progressive rock, with a distinct echo of Kurt Cobain’s recognizable signature. The energy of the entire album often channels the spirit of Nirvana to an undeniable degree.

Technically, the album stands out for its DIY qualities, one of the defining characteristics of this release. “Nothing to Do” draws on elements reminiscent of Nirvana’s earlier records, utilizing these influences not only musically but in its perspective, sound design, and overall character.

In considering Jovi Skyler’s work, I find potential in his musical vision, regardless of the final outcome. He experiments with interesting soundscapes, depressive vibes, and chord progressions, displaying an admirable interpretation of '90s alternative and grunge rock. None of these tracks have anything mainstream or generic; on the contrary, they are unapologetically raw and underground – a quality that I find quite commendable.

Jovi Skyler, artist photo

On the flip side, I must acknowledge a few areas that I believe require attention.

While aiming for objectivity throughout my experience of this album, I couldn’t shake the sense that the Kurt Cobain influence was at times overwhelming. Nearly every fundamental idea seemed rooted in the footsteps of Cobain, which, for me, emerged as the primary weakness; there was no room left for the distinctive essence of Jovi Skyler except for his admiration of this specific and nostalgic subgenre.

Furthermore, the album lacks the polished recording and production quality often seen in professional releases, a factor that significantly impacted my experience. Also, I wasn’t entirely convinced by the performances; the overall sound suffered from an unusually raw quality, and the production wasn’t handled by someone professional. All these factors have played a decisive role in the outcome, and for me was the main reason why listening to Nothing to Do album wasn't as entertaining as I expected it to be.

Lastly, a notable challenge in Jovi Skyler’s career trajectory seems to be his solo approach. While I appreciate the individuality it brings, I couldn’t help but wonder how the songs might sound in a band formation as they were meant to. “Nothing to Do” carries the '90s grunge and alternative rock essence, a performance-based music that wasn’t actualized in a live setting. This impacted the entire sonic experience, particularly in the vocal lines, which bore traces of being created at home. Collaborative live performances might have shaped the music differently, adding a layer of authenticity often absent in solo projects.

Jovi Skyler, artist photo

In the end, I believe the "Nothing to Do" album will resonate with those who are still passionate about '90s alternative grunge rock and are eager to experience more of this particular essence. An album that offers a nostalgic journey to the '90s alternative, grunge, and punk rock scenes, characterized by unapologetically raw qualities in its sound, serving as a passion project by a dedicated one-man orchestra fearlessly interpreting his admiration for Nirvana. Thank you for reading.


released May 19, 2023

The music video, If You Think So, was self-filmed and edited by Jovi Skyler.

All music and lyrics are by Jovi Skyler.

Produced by Jovi Skyler.

All photos and artwork by Jovi Skyler.

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