Jillian Steele - Thorns Included - Song Review - Alternative Pop Rock from New York, USA

Jillian Steele - Thorns Included - Song Review - Alternative Pop Rock from New York, USA
Jillian Steele - Thorns Included - Song Review - Alternative Pop Rock from New York, USA

Today, we have the pleasure of featuring another promising artist in the realm of alternative music: Jillian Steele, hailing from New York, USA. Her captivating song, 'Thorns Included,' takes center stage.

Jillian Steele is a singer-songwriter and alternative pop rock artist whose talent caught my attention through Metalhead Community Submissions. Her latest single, 'Thorns Included,' released in 2019, showcases her exceptional abilities and marks an impressive debut in her professional music career. It is evident that Jillian Steele is not only immensely talented but also fortunate to have a team of professionals supporting her music and career.

'Thorns Included' demonstrates a beautiful simplicity in its structure, with delicious instrumentation that stands out as the song's highlight. The atmosphere created is nothing short of amazing, captivating the listener from the very beginning. The highly catchy melodies and vocal lines add to the song's appeal and undoubtedly contribute to its commercial potential. As the second single release by Jillian Steele, 'Thorns Included' follows a classic strategy in building a mainstream music artist's career. This approach is commonly employed in the industry and by labels, and Jillian Steele has the talent and captivating sound to make a significant impact.

Jillian in the recording studio. Credit: Kimberly Gorman Muto

Technically, 'Thorns Included' demonstrates exceptional standards in every aspect, as I previously mentioned. The professionalism exhibited in well-equipped studios truly shines through in Jillian Steele's music. Working with professionals, whether through management, a label, or a company, allows for top-class results, as exemplified in this single. While artistic creativity is paramount, achieving high standards in production is crucial to succeed. Therefore, I extend my congratulations to every individual involved in the creation of this exceptional song.

Considering all these factors, Jillian Steele's debut is undeniably successful. Maintaining these standards will undoubtedly pave her path to the top of the industry.

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In conclusion, we, the Metalhead Community Team, extend our heartfelt congratulations to Jillian Steele for her beautiful song, 'Thorns Included.' We wish her the very best in her future endeavors. Thank you for reading.

Jillian Steele, Thorns Included (2019) single cover photo. Art Credit: Unknown


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