Jake Huffman - Highs and Lows - Song Review - Modern Indie Rock from New York, USA

Jake Huffman - Highs and Lows - Song Review - Modern Indie Rock from New York, USA

Another morning in my glass prison surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of Switzerland, welcoming December with a heavy mood, and Jake Huffman's latest single, "Highs and Lows" playing in my ears while writing my review. Jake is hailing from New York, USA, and High and Lows was released on the 2nd of November, 2023.

Jake Huffman - Highs and Lows (Official Audio)

It has been around a month since I discovered Highs and Lows for the first time. Although Jake Huffman didn't evoke any memories at that moment in my mind, I realized that I liked and playlisted more than a few songs by him in the past on Spotify. I don't necessarily pick to write about a song that doesn't involve heavy elements in its foundation here on Metalhead Community. Yet in this case, it was an emotional urge that led me to think, to look further into Jake Huffman's musical concept from both artistic and production perspectives.

Highs and Lows stands out for its impeccable sound production that immediately establishes an emotional connection with the listener, leaving a mark for its quality, commercial potential, and sound design, mirroring the modern production techniques of internationally acclaimed artists we hear on mainstream media. In my case, listening to it for a few seconds was enough to convince me.

Musically, the work was constructed with the objective of creating a commercial sound that reminded me of "Attention" by Charlie Puth, carrying similar characteristics with high-end production quality. In fact, this doesn't entirely define Highs and Lows. Jake Huffman consciously went further, exploring a sound that additionally incorporated live drums, blending electronic and analog sounds in a good balance that made this song resonate with both indie rock and pop music listeners.

Lastly, the creator behind the work is undoubtedly not a regular vocalist. Jake's voice and vocals flourish in his personal musical concept, which one of the main reasons why Highs and Lows is truly a promising work. In this case, I've had a great pleasure listening to the vocals, musical language, instrumentation, and general ambiance of the music.

Jake Huffman, artist photoPhoto credit: Unknown

Although I am more than satisfied with the overall inspiring sonic space of Highs and Lows, I couldn't resist coming back to the point of whether I would choose to continue listening to this artist's discography in the future.

Firstly, I have always been a fan of analog sounds, no matter what, and a believer that art which depends on production value will eventually get old or outdated in time. Today, I know many examples of commercially successful works from the 90s and the 2000s that mainly depend on production quality don't look and sound that inspiring anymore. As a matter of fact, I don't remember hearing Charlie Puth's name ever since the release of his international hit song in 2017.

When I take this into account, I feel like following the example of John Mayer can be foundationally beneficial for the project. After giving the song numerous listens on different days and occasions, I got the impression that Highs and Lows could use a bit more artistic expression, such as a lead guitar solo after the second chorus as in John Mayer's example, which will contribute to the timeless quality of the work.

Jake Huffman, artist photoPhoto credit: Unknown

In the end, Jake Huffman taught me a few things with his vision, perspective, and technical precision in Highs and Lows. A masterfully crafted personal soundscape with immense commercial potential, that showcases one of the finest indie rock sounds lately while flourishing the artist as an inspiring vocalist, composer, performer, and producer. Thank you for reading.

Jake Huffman - Highs and Lows single artworkArt credit: Unknown

released November 2, 2023

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