Jack West - Numb - Album Review - Electronic Pop Rock from Montreal, Canada

Jack West - Numb - Album Review - Electronic Pop Rock from Montreal, Canada

Today I am writing about a young and promising dream/electronic pop artist, Jack West, from Montreal, Canada, and his latest studio album, Numb, released in 2022.

Jack West caught my attention with his right approach to the press. I ended up listening to almost all the songs on his latest album because they were properly submitted to me, this move simply earned my respect for his approach, vision, and achievements first, and then for his music.

Objectively, Numb has interesting things to offer for those who listen to stylish pop, dream, ambiance, electronic, and disco-rock, among shoegaze and electronic music. I count myself on the shoegaze and alternative rock side of things, cause there were moments that I got confused throughout my first listen.

The album opener song, Candy Flip, has a different place for me, simply my personal favorite Jack West among all songs on the album. I am convinced with the vision and style in this song which was one of the main reasons I decided to write about this album. Stylewise, Jack West has got a lot to offer throughout the album, but Candy Flip character was the one that I think was the most special, that I would continue focusing.

Objectively, Numb has acceptable industry standards in its recording, mixing, and production. It is an easy listening album with radio-friendly songs, commercial value, and wide range of influences. That was what I have left with after listening to the entire album today, ending my listen with Candy Flip one last time.

The album has both strengths and weaknesses. When it comes to its musicality, seems like the composer had a different idea for each song, or the album shaped itself as a compilation album in the end, which doesn't make total sense. Sometimes the musical direction goes back to the 80's psychedelic/shoegaze and fills you with magic, while other songs have a direction towards modern electronic Dj music. Structure-wise, almost all songs have a standard commercial approach, carrying MTV characteristics in its build.

On the other side of the coin, the album doesn't have enough completeness in its vision. Although some songs have similar elements and influences, in the end, you end up thinking about listening to only a few of them simply because others have totally different styles.

When I put all these into account, I'd like to say that I had a good time listening to Jack West's latest album, Numb. The album opener song, Candy Flip, earned its place in Metalhead Community's Alternative and Shoegaze Essentials Spotify playlist.



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