Iam Nothe - Babylon Burn - Song Review - Alternative Post-Rock from Athens, Greece

Iam Nothe - Babylon Burn - Song Review - Alternative Post-Rock from Athens, Greece

Today I am writing about the promising alternative post-rock project; Iam Nothe, from Athens, Greece with one of his latest singles released in 2022, Babylon Burn.

Babylon Burn (Official Video)

Video by JAMSQCamera by Iam Nothe

Music & Lyrics by Spyreas SidArranged by Spyreas SidProduced by Alex Bolpasis & Spyreas SidRecorded and Mixed by Alex Bolpasis at Suono, AthensMastered by Nick Townsend at Infrasonic Sound, Los Angeles

Spyreas Sid: vocals, percussion, synth progGustav Penka: drums, congasGeorge Katsanos: guitars, bassBlvck Disco: extra lead guitarAlex Darmis: keyboards

Iam Nothe first caught my attention with his clear language in his branding, and then his musical vision and expression. One doesn't come across such professionally executed and artistic work very often.

Babylon Burn is a dynamic composition that blends modern and vintage elements, fusing the retro and artistic influence of David Bowie with the energy of Red Hot Chili Peppers and the attitude of Depeche Mode. I hold these artists in high esteem, and Iam Nothe's music naturally deserves recognition for his artistic perspective and masterful execution. I was impressed by his refined taste and shared language in his concept, surrounding visuals, colors, filming, photography, and all other elements of his world.

The sound design and production of the song are of world-class caliber, with room for further improvement. The beauty of its natural flow in the song is undeniable, with a seamless ease and smoothness when it slows down and an exhilarating build-up of energy. Simply magnificent.

I was also drawn to the idea of having a musical foundation that appeals to a wide range of music lovers. Despite being a lifelong fan of rock and metal, the Greek artist's music boasts enough quality to showcase a tasteful artistic expression to all.

Iam Nothe, artist photoCredit: Unknown

On the other hand of the coin, I struggle to find any negative aspects in the project despite its imperfections.

Iam Nothe, artist photoCredit: Unknown

In conclusion, discovering Iam Nothe has been a great experience, specifically considering he hails from my neighboring country, Greece. An impressive blend of David Bowie, Depeche Mode, and Red Hot Chili Peppers influences with alternative post-rock focus, convincing artistic expression, and world-class sound production. Thank you for reading.

Babylon Burn (2022) Single Front Cover Artwork Artwork by JAMSQ Layout by Blvck Disco

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