I Built the Sky - Up into the Ether - Song Review - Instrumental Modern Progressive Math-Rock from Melbourne, Australia

I Built the Sky - Up into the Ether - Song Review - Instrumental Modern Progressive Math-Rock from Melbourne, Australia
I Built the Sky - Up into the Ether - Song Review - Instrumental Modern Progressive Math-Rock from Melbourne, Australia

Today, we have the pleasure of featuring I Built the Sky, a highly promising instrumental modern progressive math-rock band hailing from Melbourne, Australia. Their impressive song, "Up into the Ether," showcases their exceptional talent and creativity.

I Built The Sky - Up Into The Ether (Official Music Video). Video Production: Sam Tan at Hit Me Up Creative. Daniel Kelart at Clique Films. Cover Image by Elgin Huang Jiale. Produced by Rohan Stevenson. All music written, programmed, recorded & performed by Rohan Stevenson. Drums programmed by Rohan Stevenson & Rob Brens. Mixed & mastered by Forrester Savell. Sam Tan - Bass. Rob Brens - Drums. Album Art by Pat Fox - http://www.patfox.com.au/

I Built the Sky is an instrumental modern progressive math-rock band that I recently discovered through Metalhead Community Submissions. Their song, "Up into the Ether," is taken from their latest full-length album, "The Zenith Rise," released in 2019. The rising popularity of math rock music can be attributed to its fusion of knowledge, talent, and creativity. It demands great technical skill, intelligence, and innovation, allowing musicians and bands to offer extraordinary compositions to the world, as exemplified in this remarkable piece.

"Up into the Ether" is a magnificent song brimming with positive vibes, an amazing atmosphere, and incredible energy. It transcends standard ideas and elements, unfolding like a captivating story that takes listeners on a transformative journey. The influence of Animals as Leaders is evident both in their songwriting and style, which is a testament to their appreciation for exceptional musicianship. Drawing a parallel, it's akin to listening to artists who have been profoundly influenced by Mozart or Chopin. Bands like Pink Floyd, Rush, and Dream Theater have changed the musical landscape, inspiring countless musicians worldwide through their unique approach and style. I Built the Sky is undoubtedly one of those promising bands, exemplifying great potential through their work on "Up into the Ether.

I Built the Sky, band photo. Credit: Unknown

"Up into the Ether" boasts exceptional sound quality and production, truly setting it apart. In this genre, achieving an outstanding sonic experience is imperative, and I Built the Sky has successfully accomplished this. It's essential to differentiate oneself and create a distinct tonal signature, showcasing individual character and style. Reflecting on the bands mentioned earlier, they have provided an education on the significance and impact of tonality. In this regard, there is no technical disparity between "Up into the Ether" and the music of Dream Theater or Animals as Leaders.

Considering these factors, I am thoroughly impressed by I Built the Sky. "Up into the Ether" is an exceptional piece of work that showcases their creativity, instrumental skills, and professionalism. With such remarkable qualities, they are poised to become a prominent band within this genre, provided they maintain their standards in future albums and live performances.

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I Built the Sky, band photo. Credit: Unknown

In conclusion, the Metalhead Community Team extends our congratulations to I Built the Sky for their epic achievement with "Up into the Ether." We wish them the very best in their future endeavors. Thank you for reading.

I Built the Sky, The Zenith Rise (2019) studio album front cover image. Art Credit: Unknown