Hörn - Schatten des Biests - Song Review - Death Metal from Germany

Hörn - Schatten des Biests - Song Review - Death Metal from Germany
Hörn - Schatten des Biests - Song Review - Death Metal from Germany

In today's feature, we shine the spotlight on Hörn, a highly promising melodic power/death metal band hailing from Germany. In this review, we delve into their powerful piece, "Schatten des Biests," exploring its character, style, story, potential, and more.

Hörn is a band that caught my attention approximately two months ago with their impressive song, "Schatten des Biests," from their self-titled debut release, "Hörn," which debuted in 2020. The German gentlemen instantly transported me back to the badass vibes of the '90s old-fashioned power/death metal era. I invite you to give the song a listen as we delve deeper into this article.

"Schatten des Biests" is an impressive offering that encapsulates everything we adore about pure metal music. The song predominantly incorporates traditional power metal elements from start to finish. While the vocal style steers towards death metal, the overall style leans more towards power metal. Moreover, the general structure of "Schatten des Biests" follows a relatively standard path. Hörn's technical prowess shines through, albeit not with the blistering speed and complexity typically associated with death metal. Rather, their music embraces a melodic orientation reminiscent of remarkable bands within their genre, such as Accept, Iced Earth, and Blind Guardian.

Additionally, the song possesses great potential with its melodic and accessible form. The band's focus lies more on the essence of the idea rather than the complexity of the composition, which is commendable. What truly sets "Schatten des Biests" apart are the badass guitar riffs, well-executed dynamics, captivating melodies, and an ever-present groove. As I have highlighted in previous articles, the current music scene demands that every band or artist brings something unique to the table. In this regard, Hörn earns our respect for choosing to express themselves in the German language instead of English.

Technically, "Schatten des Biests" showcases top-class standards across the board. This is undeniably one of the best-sounding metal songs I have recently encountered. Every element is flawlessly executed, resulting in a sound that is clean, pure, raw, powerful, clear, natural, atmospheric, and dynamic. The meticulous recording, balanced engineering, precise production, expert mixing, and mastering, all contribute to a cohesive and harmonious sonic experience. As a listener, you are enthralled from start to finish, never losing interest or the freshness of the music. Additionally, I have a personal affinity for bands that exhibit consistent dynamics and sound both on their albums and during live performances. Hörn stands out as a special band with this remarkable ability.

In conclusion, I am thoroughly impressed by Hörn's debut release. This album undoubtedly marks a solid step forward for the band, introducing their music to the right audience.

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In conclusion, on behalf of the Metalhead Community Team, we extend our congratulations to Hörn for their impressive achievements with "Schatten des Biests." We wish them the very best in their future endeavors. Thank you for reading.

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