Holy Beach - Ships Off the Coast - Song Review - Alternative Rock from Atlanta, USA

Holy Beach - Ships Off the Coast - Song Review - Alternative Rock from Atlanta, USA
Holy Beach - Ships Off the Coast - Song Review - Alternative Rock from Atlanta, USA

Today, we are pleased to feature Holy Beach, an upcoming alternative rock band from Atlanta, USA, with their soul-stirring song 'Ships Off the Coast.'

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Holy Beach is a recent discovery I made through Metalhead Community Submissions. Their debut single, 'Ships Off the Coast,' released on May 24, 2019, immediately captivated my attention with its fusion of various musical styles and innovative ideas. Despite being their first release, the band demonstrates a level of songwriting experience that sets them apart.

The song as a whole carries a captivating groove and energy that makes it stand out. It features unconventional ideas accompanied by engaging guitar riffage from the very beginning. The vocalist's unique singing style adds an intriguing element, occasionally reminiscent of Limp Bizkit. This distinctiveness allows the collective to transcend the confines of traditional rock and metal genres, contributing to their overall appeal.

Technically speaking, I must admit that the song did not resonate with me as strongly as its creative elements did. After listening to 'Ships Off the Coast' several times, I delved into the band's background and discovered that my intuition was correct. The band is composed of experienced musicians. Although I'm unsure if this single was self-recorded or intended as a demo, I am thrilled to learn that their upcoming album, 'All That Matters Is This Matter,' set to release this summer, is co-produced by Jeff Leonard Jr., a platinum award-winning engineer known for his work with esteemed bands such as Shinedown, Sleeper Agent, and Framing Hanley. This collaboration is undoubtedly fascinating. Taking these factors into consideration, Holy Beach is undoubtedly showcasing their potential with this debut. Listeners who have sampled their first offering will eagerly await their album's release this June.

In conclusion, the Metalhead Community Team extends our congratulations to Holy Beach for their exhilarating debut, 'Ships Off the Coast.' Thank you for reading.

Holy Beach, Ships Off The Coast Single Album Front Cover Art. Credit: Unknown