Hayien - Loveless Affection - Song Review - Psychedelic Shoegaze from Los Angeles, California, the USA

Hayien - Loveless Affection - Song Review - Psychedelic Shoegaze from Los Angeles, California, the USA

Today I am writing about the promising shoegaze artist; Hayien, from Los Angeles, California, USA with; Loveless Affection, off from one of his singles with the title, Lament, released in 2022.

Hayien - Loveless Affection (Official Music Video)

I was totally unaware of the fact that Loveless Affection wasn't the first song I listened to by Hayien before. Today, while scrolling on Spotify through my playlists today, I realized that Hayien has another song, "Flowers For A King" playlisted on "Alternative & Shoegaze Essentials" on October 26, 2021, and they got so much in common with Hayien's musical taste and success in sound design.

Loveless Affection is a hallucinating song with a retro 90s character, blending shoegaze, psychedelic, and alternative rock influences. The song has a simple setup, specifically constructed for the sound character in mind, which is one of the main reasons for its success. The easy listening massive reverby and spacy guitars, synths, drums, bass, and vocals create an irresistible ambiance, and Hayien's charismatic and stylish approach takes it even further.

The technical side of the work is also significant, and I believe it wouldn't be as special without the work of the producer, who I presume to be Hayien himself. The song has a great sounding unique character with shoegaze and retro influences, and it also has commercial value. It speaks to everyone regardless of their musical taste, specifically when they feel themselves in a certain mood.

Hayien, artist photoCredit: Unknown

On the other hand, I have got nothing negative to mention, it's flawless.

Hayien, artist photoCredit: Unknown

When I put all these into account, I'd like to say that Loveless Affection earned the top spot in my Alternative & Shoegaze Essentials playlist on Spotify, took it from Strange Birds of Tyson Armond who has been sitting there since March 2022. A nostalgic trip back to the 90s with retro-inspired sound and stylish production, a must-listen for fans of shoegaze, psychedelic and alternative rock. Thanks for reading.

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