Gran Noir - Empty Heart - Song Review - Alternative Rock from Zurich, Switzerland

Gran Noir - Empty Heart - Song Review - Alternative Rock from Zurich, Switzerland

Today I am writing about a promising commercial alternative rock band; Gran Noir, from Zurich, Switzerland, with, Empty Heart, one of their latest singles released in 2022.

Empty Heart (Official Music Video)

"The song is about my kids," explains singer Pascal Schulz: "Who, like all kids, are just annoying from time to time. But then there comes the moment when the little monsters have fallen asleep and I myself standing next to the bed and despite everything only feel love - Empty Heart is that very moment."

CUTTER, POSTPRODUCTION by Jan XYCCamera, Lights, and Idea by Gran Noir.

-MUSIC & TEXT by Gran Noir.PERFORMED by Gran Noir.PRODUCED, RECORDED and MIXED by Philippe Laffer, Alterna Recording Studios, BaselMASTERED by Philipp Welsing, Original Mastering, HamburgRELEASED by Ambulance Recordings

Gran Noir is an experienced collective with a respected discography, established industry standards in their sound production, commercial potential, and alternative rock focus in their musical origins where was can take Empty Heart as a good example. Objectively, successful work without any weaknesses, yet not for everybody with its mainstream aim.

First of all, Empty Heart deserves appreciation for its traditional and natural wooden sound, immediately makes an impact on the listener with established sound production. Although it has both traditional and commercial qualities, the song is bulletproof with its live-performing energy.

Musically, the band has a mainstream commercial rock approach in general, where all decisions in the making of Empty Heart were made accordingly; a radio-friendly build with a catchy hook, commercial and well-polished sound design, nothing too fancy or anything we didn't hear before. The music style, in general, reminded me of the 90s and 2000s alternative rock bands such as the early Coldplay, U2, and Keane from time to time, accompanied by ambient, shoegaze, punk, and post-rock influences.

On the other side of the coin, I have to admit that Empty Heart was overly mainstream for my personal taste. The sound design sounded traditional and familiar as well as the musicality in general, the collective's decisions were too much in the safe zone of everything so there was not enough left from their personalities.

Credit: Ghost Festival

When I put all these into account, I'd like to say that I had a good time listening to Empty Heart by Gran Noir. Easy listening commercial alternative rock song with world class sound production, accompanied by ambient, punk, and post-rock influences. Thanks for reading.


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