Goro - Emperor Prophet - Song Review - Sludge Metal from Quito, Ecuador

Goro - Emperor Prophet - Song Review - Sludge Metal from Quito, Ecuador
Goro - Emperor Prophet - Song Review - Sludge Metal from Quito, Ecuador. Review by Metalhead Community.

Another afternoon with a bright clear sky that warms hearts and blesses with vital energy here in my surreal reality in Helsinki. Today, I am writing about a project that inspired me as a guitar player; Goro, hailing from Quito, Ecuador. I discovered them with the song called "Emperor Prophet," from the band's debut studio EP titled "Last Wave of Summer," released on April 19, 2024.

Goro - Emperor Prophet. Animation by Zulfajri MB.

It was one of those rare occasions that I experienced listening to Goro for the first time with "Emperor Prophet," and their mastery of guitar tones urged me to write about this special project of Jose Romero, the guitarist and vocalist. Musically, I found many similarities in Goro with my personal appreciation of heavy music. Even further, I have discovered many fantastic talents during the last decade, yet no one has come this close to the type of guitar sound I prefer, together with the necessary action.

First and foremost, "Emperor Prophet" stands out for its concept that incorporates analog sounds, even though well produced, with the Metallica drive in guitars, Mastodon’s understanding of sludge music, and a pinch of alternative metal influences that I felt during my listenings. Although it has safe boundaries in terms of regular progressive compositions, the essence showcased in this song leaves you wanting to hear more from Goro.

Technically, the band shows promise with their ability to explore strong personalities, along with their capability to establish industry standards in their sound production. "Emperor Prophet" does not only sound promising, but more importantly, it marks the exciting beginning of an interesting sonic journey. This song sounds as badass as possible in my understanding, being only the fifth official single release in Goro’s catalog.

Goro, band photo. Credit: Unknown.

On the other hand, I don’t have much to add since I appreciate the band’s personal direction. However, at the same time, I can’t help but expect to hear them exploring deeper musical languages in the future, unlike their approach to "Emperor Prophet," just because I feel like they are capable of such a demanding task. They reminded me of one of Mastodon’s classics; "Sleeping Giant."

Goro, band photo. Credit: Unknown.

In conclusion, I am delighted with my discovery of such a talented collective, Goro from Ecuador. An irresistible concept that incorporates Metallica’s drive with Mastodon’s understanding of sludge/prog metal, accompanied by masterfully crafted iconic guitar tones and analog soundscapes. Strongly recommended metal. Thank you for reading.

Goro, Last Wave Of Summer EP Album front cover artwork.
Goro, Last Wave of Summer EP
Released April 19, 2024
José Romero - Guitars / Vocals
Guillermo Bolaños - Bass
Jaime Molina - Drums
Produced by José Romero
Mixed by Derek Mattin
Mastered by Juan Pablo Rivas
Cover illustration by Haryo Awonggo
Guest vocals on 'Wage Slave' by Diego Rojas
Drums, bass and guitar tracks recorded at Xerbero studios in Quito, Ecuador
Additional guitar tracks recorded by Omar Miranda at La Bulla studios in Quito, Ecuador
Vocal tracks recorded by Diego Rojas in Ascazubi, Ecuador
Edited by José Romero
Music and lyrics by José Romero

Goro on the Web:

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Goro | Quito
Goro, Quito. 686 vind-ik-leuks · 6 personen praten hierover. Where riffs roar, creativity thrives, and soul-stirring resonance unfolds.
Last Wave of Summer EP Out Now!!!
Emperor Prophet, by Goro
from the album Last Wave Of Summer

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