Ghosts in Pocket - Dead Bees - Song Review - Alternative Ambient Rock from Southern California, USA

Ghosts in Pocket - Dead Bees - Song Review - Alternative Ambient Rock from Southern California, USA
Ghosts in Pocket - Dead Bees - Song Review - Alternative Ambient Rock from Southern California, USA

Today, we have the pleasure of featuring Ghosts in Pocket, a highly promising alternative ambient rock band hailing from Southern California, USA. Their magical song, "Dead Bees," is a mesmerizing track from their latest studio album, "Posthubris," released in 2019.

Ghosts in Pocket - Dead Bees (Official Audio)

Ghosts in Pocket is an ambient rock band that I recently discovered through Metalhead Community Submissions. Their song, "Dead Bees," captivated me with its evocative music style and atmospheric qualities reminiscent of influential artists such as Bon Iver, Riverside, and early Coldplay. This particular music style holds a special place in my heart, and I'm confident that many of you will become addicted to it after giving it a listen.

"Dead Bees" is a phenomenal piece of work that resonates with its title, meaning, depth, lyrics, atmosphere, build, structure, energy, and vibe. The title alone sparks contemplation, as it carries a powerful message about the crucial role of bees in our ecosystem. I admire artists and bands who express their creativity not only through their songs but also through their artwork, images, song titles, and overall brand. It's the holistic package that leaves a lasting impression on listeners. Ghosts in Pocket is making a significant impact with every aspect of their craft, positioning themselves not only as a great band but also as influential voices in the music scene.

Ghosts in Pocket, band photo. Credit: Unknown

Ghosts in Pocket has also emphasized top-class technical standards on their album snippets, and "Dead Bees" delivers on this promise. However, what truly matters is the emotional impact it leaves on the listeners. The band has excelled in creating a captivating atmosphere and beautiful moody energy that permeates the song from start to finish. This lingering impression is what sets the song apart and leaves a lasting memory. I extend my heartfelt congratulations to the band, their dedicated team, and everyone involved in the creation of this remarkable music, from roadies and guitar techs to studio managers and sound engineers.

Considering these factors, I am thoroughly impressed by Ghosts in Pocket. Their music has earned a place on my daily playlists, and I believe they possess great potential based on the quality of their work, exemplified by "Dead Bees." This is just the beginning of what promises to be a remarkable journey for them. "Dead Bees" has secured its place on our Top Alternative Songs Playlist on Spotify.

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Ghosts in Pocket, band photo. Credit: Unknown

In conclusion, the Metalhead Community Team extends our heartfelt congratulations to Ghosts in Pocket for their epic job on "Dead Bees." We wish them continued success in their future endeavors. Thank you for reading.

Ghosts in Pocket, Posthubris (2019) studio album front cover artwork. Art Credit: Unknown



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