Get Out - The Violation of Terms and Conditions - Album Review - 90s Punk Rock from Los Angeles, California, USA

Get Out - The Violation of Terms and Conditions - Album Review - 90s Punk Rock from Los Angeles, California, USA

Today I am writing about the promising 90s punk rock band; Get Out, from Los Angeles, USA with; The Violation of Terms and Conditions, their new long-play studio album released on January 5th, 2023.

Get Out - The Right is Wrong (Official Music Video)

Get Out's first official video release. Produced by Wendy Murphy.

Get Out is a well-established band with a respected discography, having been officially releasing albums since their debut studio album, "Still Not Famous," in 2005. I was introduced to the American collective for the first time through their latest release, "The Violation of Terms and Conditions."

The album stands out with its 90s punk rock character from beginning to end, evident in the artwork/graphics, band attitude, style, sound character, and musical foundation. Although it is a bit too specific, the album contains 10 radio-friendly and energetic songs that blend influences of 90s pop, metal, and punk rock, reminiscent of Green Day, The Offspring, Sum 41, and Blink 182.

Get Out, band photoCredit: Unknown

Additionally, I would like to bring up a few areas for improvement in this album and the band in general.

Firstly, I was not fully convinced by Get Out's story and they did not leave a lasting impression on me with their approach, vision, musicality, and production quality. Although "The Violation of Terms and Conditions" contains enough material to be played on rock radio stations worldwide, I believe the band could benefit from having the right support team.

Secondly, the album lacks character and I did not hear anything new, both musically and in terms of sound design.

Get Out, performing liveCredit: Unknown

Taking everything into consideration, "The Violation of Terms and Conditions" transported me back to my childhood, reminding me of listening to 90s alternative punk rock and watching MTV. It's an easy-listening, radio-friendly 90s punk rock album with a traditional approach and positive energy throughout. Thanks for reading.

The Violation of Terms and Conditions (2022) Album Front Cover Artwork Credit: Unknown

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