Every Living Soul - Anonymous - Album Review - Alternative Pop-Rock from Los Angeles, California, USA

Every Living Soul - Anonymous - Album Review - Alternative Pop-Rock from Los Angeles, California, USA
Every Living Soul - Anonymous - Album Review - Alternative Pop-Rock from Los Angeles, California, USA

Today, we shine a spotlight on Every Living Soul, a promising alternative pop-rock band hailing from Los Angeles, California, USA. In this review, we delve into their latest album, "Anonymous," exploring its character, style, story, potential, and more.

Every Living Soul first caught my attention about two months ago with their three captivating songs: "Static," "Forever is Over," and "Poison," featured on their latest release, "Anonymous," which came out in 2020. The band has been making official releases since 2010, boasting an impressive discography that includes "Every Living Soul" (2010), "Any Questions" (2013), "Live on the Sunset Strip" (2014), "No Answers" (2017), and finally "Anonymous" (2020). Their commitment to their musical careers and the quality of their work thus far commands great respect. I invite you to listen to their music while reading the rest of this article.

Every Living Soul transcends the boundaries of conventional pop rock or rock bands. Their music is a delightful fusion of classic rock, hard rock, pop rock, metal, and electronic elements. After immersing myself in the full album before writing this review, it became evident that they excel in their craft. While they may draw some comparisons to artists like Katy Perry (particularly in terms of the vocalist's singing style, vocal mix, and voice) and Avril Lavigne, as well as various alternative rock bands from the '90s, they possess a unique and original sound. What truly captivated me was the nostalgic '90s vibes embedded in their music. As I mentioned earlier, many Metalhead Community readers likely discovered bands like The Cardigans, Cranberries, Depeche Mode, U2, and more during the golden era of this music genre from the '90s to the '00s. It's rare to find a band/artist today that exhibits such potential and originality within this specific music style, but Every Living Soul succeeds in doing so.

The majority of their songs have an easy listening structure, primarily focusing on creating a captivating atmosphere and addictive melodies. The vocalist's exceptional talent is a driving force behind the album's success. As I've mentioned in previous articles, there has been an influx of bands with female vocalists, and unfortunately, many sound strikingly similar. This has become an issue within today's music scene. However, Every Living Soul sets themselves apart. Their overall musicality has the potential to capture the attention of radio stations and TV channels alike. I hold tremendous respect for their discography, experience, and approach to making music, which led me to introduce them to Metalhead Community's readership.

Technically, "Anonymous" is a masterclass in every aspect. Just as their music beautifully blends different styles, the technical execution matches the same level of excellence. They skillfully intertwine '90s alternative rock vibes with rock, metal, atmospheric, and electronic elements, creating a distinct and original niche. The album's overall atmosphere is so captivating that it transports listeners to a world of enchantment, allowing them to momentarily escape reality. Additionally, I strongly believe that some of these songs, such as "Hope," would make perfect soundtracks for TV series or movies.

I must also commend the producer for his remarkable approach, as I mentioned earlier. He has done an incredible job and deserves immense credit for the album's success. The musicians' skill, creative ideas, instrumentation, and post-production work serve as the pillars of Every Living Soul's achievement. I am genuinely fascinated by my discovery.

When considering all these factors, I can confidently say that I am deeply impressed by Every Living Soul. "Anonymous" is a brilliant album that deserves a place on every playlist within its specific genre. As I mentioned earlier, they are a respected band showcasing immense potential in their craft. This album is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for those who appreciate '90s Alternative Rock vibes!

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In conclusion, the Metalhead Community Team congratulates Every Living Soul on their promising album, "Anonymous," and wishes them the utmost success in their future endeavors. Thank you for reading.



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