Eclipseye - Whap Clatter - Song Review - Rap from the United Kingdom

Eclipseye - Whap Clatter - Song Review - Rap from the United Kingdom

Today I am writing about the rap artist; Eclipseye, from the United Kingdom with; Whap Clatter, his second single released in 2022.

Whap Clatter (Official Music Video)

Whap Clatter is the first song that introduced me to Eclipseye, only his second official single release in his discography. Although I am not a rap music fan and never have been, the first thing that caught my attention in this song was the accent of the singer that didn’t sound British or American, but rather somewhere from the Balkans. Rap music is based on the rapper, so Eclipseye's rapping character will be the decisive factor in his future.

Musically, Whap Clatter is blending the 90s and modern influences of rap, accompanied by heavy guitars with electronic beats and cinematic elements. The rapping style of Eclipseye sounded familiar to me, and the general character of the work reminded me of German Street Rap culture. I think those who are into this specific music will appreciate this artist's beats.

Eclipseye, Whap Clatter music video fragment

On the other side of the coin, I also have to admit that my first impression of What Clatter was negative and I thought about it for some time. I imagined myself as the manager of Eclipseye for a second and asked myself what would be the first thing I’d improve in this project. Although I have a few things on my mind, the most crucial one would be the producer.

When it comes to making music nowadays, it is all about the artist and the producer. Whap Clatter, in this way, has average quality and vision in its build, didn't sound special to me in any way. The sound design wasn’t stylish and visionary enough, so the song doesn't make an impact with these production standards.

Eclipseye, Artist PhotoCredit: Unknown

German street rap vibes with heavy guitars and average production standards. Thanks for reading.

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