Drogher - Spinecrusher - Song Review - Modern Death Metal from Luxembourg

Drogher - Spinecrusher - Song Review - Modern Death Metal from Luxembourg

Today, we plunge into the heavy sounds of Luxembourg-based band Drogher and delve into one of the standout tracks; Spinecrusher from their debut offering, "The Last Wave," released on September 12, 2022. Prepare for a sonic assault that showcases their prowess in modern death metal.

Spinecrusher by Drogher (Official Music Video)

Drogher presenting the first official videoclip! From the debut EP « The Last Wave », this is Vivien Risser’s own personal take on Spinecrusher, covering the complete animation and video production.

My introduction to Drogher came through their song "Spinecrusher," featured on their debut studio EP album, "The Last Wave," which arrived in September last year. Upon listening to the track, I found myself grappling with mixed feelings about Drogher's musical vision, yet it provided enough insight into their direction. Let's explore the details.

At the forefront, "Spinecrusher" reveals distinct Gojira characteristics, leaving an indelible mark in my memory. The band demonstrates strength and muscle in their music, sound design, guitars, tone, mix character, production preferences, and instrumentation, at times bordering on an excess that raises questions.

The musical foundation of "Spinecrusher" showcases influences from old-school death, thrash, and modern metal, earning it the label of "modern death metal" for its contemporary sound. In addition to Gojira, I was delighted to discern elements reminiscent of classic acts like Slayer, Exodus, Crematory, and Kreator. Although Drogher hails from Luxembourg, their music carries the unmistakable Scandinavian death metal vibe, characterized by its bitterness, ugliness, and relentless nature.

Technically, the song adheres to Drogher's strict musical vision, maintaining their modern death metal sound with pronounced Gojira influences. While sound design preferences can be subjective, the production standards deserve recognition for their high quality. "Spinecrusher" delivers a forceful message through its strength, energy, and overall impact. Personally, I find comfort in this sound, even though it may not have resonated deeply with me in terms of its ultimate vision.

Drogher exhibits potential in their energy level, tightness, execution, and adherence to a familiar musical concept, particularly for those drawn to the death metal sound. In this regard, "Spinecrusher" satisfies with its technicality, groovy elements, powerful riffs, monstrous dynamics, and well-balanced sound. It builds upon the foundation left by Gojira, expanding the narrow confines of death metal.

Drogher, performing livePhoto credit: Elena A. photography

On the flip side, the dominant presence of Gojira characteristics overshadows Drogher's unique strengths. The extensive adaptation to Gojira's origins creates a sound that closely resembles Gojira itself, save for the vocals, resulting in a lack of distinct identity for Drogher.

Furthermore, I regretfully observed a scarcity of fresh ideas and elements unique to Drogher, heavily leaning towards the Scandinavian style I previously mentioned, felt familiar and reminiscent of past encounters.

Although I appreciate the quality and production of the "Spinecrusher" music video, it, too, left a sense of familiarity that I had encountered before.

Finally, while acknowledging the song's powerful and modern metal sound, it failed to fully convince me of its vision and distinct identity. The composition adhered to traditional elements and ideas, catering primarily to a niche audience within the death metal sphere. My conclusion is based on the subject matter, music video, visuals, and the general concept presented by the band.

Drogher, performing livePhoto credit: Ken Poire photography

In conclusion, I am pleased to have discovered Drogher, a tight death metal band with a bright future hailing from Luxembourg. Modern death metal sound with convincing production standards and monstrous energy, skillfully blending influences from old-school thrash and death metal, all while incorporating heavy Gojira characteristics. Thank you for reading.

Drogher, The Last Wave (2022) EP Album Front Cover Artwork Art Credit: Unknown

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