Draemora - Victorious - Song Review - Melodic Death / Nu-Metal from Seattle, USA

Draemora - Victorious - Song Review - Melodic Death / Nu-Metal from Seattle, USA

Today we are featuring a promising melodic death/nu-metal band, Draemora, from Seattle, the USA, with the song, “Victorious”, off from their debut studio album, Death Rectangle.

Draemora started their careers back in 2020 with a single called Omerta and released three more singles in the same year, Minerva, Let Go, and Home. Victorious is off from their debut studio album called Death Rectangle which was released in 2021, and I am going to share my honest feedback with you below.

First of all, I believe the origins in their musicality is coming from old school death metal, melodic metal, and 2000s nu-metal. The song, in general, still has a radio-friendly build for me even though the band gives us a hint about their progressive capabilities not in the song structure but mainly in their instrumentation.

The composition was built with groovy, progressive, and melodic parts connected together in the simplest way, as I understand Draemora wanted to keep everything as simple as possible for the time being, focusing on the energy of the song.

When I think about the foundations in their music, I see a valid plan. These American gentlemen have a frontman with the necessary attitude, two vocalists where they can sing heavy or melodic, accompanied by technical and progressive instrumentation. In my book, these qualities are enough to get any band to a big stage, the rest is all about strategy and making the effort.

On the other side of the coin, I think the weaknesses are mainly connected with their limited capabilities. As you can also hear and see that this is a low-budget production. The song doesn't have the best technical standards possible, but a satisfying one, where this theory also applies for their music video, their filming, filtering, scenes, and production. They simply show the common weakness, which I don't blame the band for. I know how these things work, how much time, energy, and resources you need to invest in order to have a promising result.

Also, I believe Draemora needs better representation in general. I can't say I am satisfied with what I saw when I went into their band pictures, album concepts, artworks, and social media accounts.

When I take all these into account, I'd like to say that I've had a good time listening to Victorious. Draemora deserves respect for their discography with six official releases only in two years so far, and Victorious surely is a step forward in their careers.

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Metalhead Community congratulates Draemora for their song "Victorious", and wishes them the very best in their future careers. Thank you for reading.


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