Dopapod - Dopapod - Album Review - Prog-Rock from Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Dopapod - Dopapod - Album Review - Prog-Rock from Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Today I am writing about the promising 70s prog-rock band; Dopapod, from Boston, Massachusetts, USA with their latest self-titled studio album released in 2022.

Dopapod - "Think" (Official Video)

Eli Winderman - KeyboardsNeal "Fro" Evans - DrumsRob Compa - GuitarChuck Jones - BassLuke Stratton - Sound & Lights

Filmed & edited by Jameson ManganStock footage via Envato Elements.

Dopapod is one of the most established and successful bands I am reviewing today, a collective of advanced musicians with respectable discography who achieved considerable success so far in their careers. Officially began their journey back in 2009 with a studio album called, "Radar", and today is the third day I am listening to their ninth-studio album in 14 years, "Dopapod".

First and foremost, the album stands out with its familiar characteristic approach similar to 70s prog-rock legends, Pink Floyd. This was the first name that popped up in my head for many reasons such as their branding, musical and sound character. The musical foundation has established itself in a vintage prog-rock world, blending it with alternative, blues, country, jazz, fusion, and post-rock which reminded me of The Doors, Rush, Eric Clapton, Guthrie Govan, and Paul Gilbert among Pink Floyd.

The sound characterization has the same vision, carrying 70s prog-rock influences in its origins. I have to admit that the sound design and characterization were done by a professional, I think the record has world-class standards in this way.

Lastly, all songs usually have a progressive approach in their foundation and the band convinces the listener with their advanced musicianship and musical knowledge.

Dopapod, performing liveCredit: Unknown

On the other hand, I also have to admit that the album sounded a bit too traditional to me in the end. They look like a traditional band that makes traditional music, but I personally don't share this view. I think they are suffering from not having a clear vision of their character and potential.

Dopapod, band photoCredit: Michael Weintrob

Taking everything into consideration, discovering Dopopod and listening to their latest self-titled studio album was simply a great experience. It's always a great pleasure discovering another talented band with influences from the 70s prog-rock legends. Strongly recommended for Pink Floyd, Rush, and Paul Gilbert fans. Thank you for reading.

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