Detachment - Gaslight - Album Review - Hardcore from Long Island, New York, USA

Detachment - Gaslight - Album Review - Hardcore from Long Island, New York, USA
Detachment - Gaslight - Album Review - Hardcore from Long Island, New York, USA

Today, we turn our attention to Detachment, a promising hardcore band hailing from Long Island, New York, USA. In this review, we explore their stimulating album, "Gaslight," diving into its character, style, story, potential, and more.

Detachment, a progressive hardcore/punkcore band, caught my ear approximately three months ago with three powerful tracks from their monstrous album, "Gaslight," released in 2020. Since their official inception in 2018, the band has shown tremendous growth and dedication to their craft. Their earlier releases, including the singles "Million Eyes" (2018) and "Counter Charisma" (2019), set the stage for their debut EP album, "Gaslight," featuring seven blistering songs. While the hardcore and metalcore genres have seen a surge in popularity, many bands fall into the trap of unoriginality, recycling the same ideas, structures, and instrumentations. However, Detachment defies these norms by showcasing a unique blend of musical styles, particularly evident on this album. I urge you to give it a listen while reading the rest of this article.

First of all, let me emphasize that "Gaslight" is an exceptional album. It stands as one of the most aggressive records I have encountered in this genre in a long time. Upon closer examination of their songwriting, one thing becomes clear: Detachment refuses to tread the beaten path of other metalcore and hardcore bands. Defying categorization, their music transcends traditional genre boundaries, offering a fresh and captivating sonic experience.

The songs on "Gaslight" are generally concise, yet they create complexity through dynamic interplay between instruments and vocal lines, placing a strong emphasis on overall energy flow. This is a defining characteristic of their music. While none of the songs lean towards melodic or easy-listening territory, I found great enjoyment in every track. Each song possesses a unique identity while sharing common threads. Among the many impressive aspects, their irresistible energy stands out. Detachment excels in this regard, exhibiting exceptional skill and passion. For example, while many bands can deliver high-energy live performances, few can translate that energy into their songwriting. When you listen to "Gaslight" carefully, you'll experience a musical attitude reminiscent of Pantera, monstrous riffage akin to Slayer, and progressive elements akin to Mastodon. Furthermore, the instrumentation is intelligently crafted. Detachment avoids the trappings of monotonous guitar-driven compositions often associated with metalcore and deathcore, opting instead for rich riffs and surprising arrangements. Equally noteworthy is their avoidance of relying solely on guitar lines, showcasing their unique approach. As mentioned earlier, their progressive sensibilities infuse the album, resulting in an exhilarating and fresh sound.

Although my knowledge of the band is limited, I sense that they are a relatively young collective. As is customary, I immersed myself in the full album multiple times before penning this article. The level of creativity displayed by Detachment, particularly for a new band, is exceptional. Their music style lays a solid foundation that has the potential to propel them to great heights within the professional music industry. "Gaslight" is a bulletproof album, expertly executed in every aspect. Undoubtedly, Detachment has the potential to become the next big thing in the metal scene, reminiscent of Metallica's rise to prominence years ago.

From a technical standpoint, "Gaslight" showcases exceptional standards. The album sounds pristine, with clean, clear, and well-balanced production. The recording, handling, and mixing demonstrate an outstanding level of expertise, resulting in a harmonious and cohesive sonic experience. While I am unaware of the individuals responsible for these decisions, their contributions are deserving of high praise.

When considering all these factors, it is clear that Detachment has left a lasting impression. They display immense potential through their innovative ideas, skilled composition, instrumentation, and their overall approach to music. While it is difficult to predict the full impact "Gaslight" will have on their career at this stage, it undoubtedly represents the beginning of something extraordinary in the metal world.

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In conclusion, the Metalhead Community Team extends its congratulations to Detachment for their exceptional work on "Gaslight" and wishes them the very best in their future endeavors. Thank you for reading.



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