Delanila - Time Slips Away - Song Review - Alternative Ambient Rock from London, England

Delanila - Time Slips Away - Song Review - Alternative Ambient Rock from London, England
Delanila - Time Slips Away - Song Review - Alternative Ambient Rock from London, England

Today, we are excited to feature Delanila, a promising cinematic experimental alternative music artist hailing from London, England, and her captivating debut single 'Time Slips Away.' Join us as we explore the character, style, and potential of this fascinating artist and her mesmerizing track.

DELANILA - Time Slips Away (Official Video). Directed by Charlie Mysak. Director: Charlie Mysak. Producer: Jake Baker, Julie Hershan. Production Company: Acres New York. Director of Photography: David Vollrath. Editor: Danielle Eva Schwob, Meghan Sims. Additional Editing: Max Nova. Color Grade: Joseph Bicknell for Company 31st AC: Troy Dobbertin. Steadicam: Mike Klein. G&E Swing: Natalia Majette. Hair / Make Up - Valeria Cole. Production Assistant: Cameron Spector. Production Assistant: Eva Krause. Performance Footage. Director: Max Nova and Danielle Eva Schwob. Projection Art: Max Nova. Director of Photography: Bart Cortright. Production Assistant: Naomi Saito. Hair / Make Up: Michelle Coursey. Dancer: Leal Zielinska. Artist: Danielle Eva Schwob / DELANILA. Young Man: CJ Johnson. Older Man: John McGill.

Delanila is an artist who caught my attention through Metalhead Community Submissions approximately three weeks ago with her debut single 'Time Slips Away,' released in 2019. Prior to sharing my thoughts, I took some time to learn more about the artist. The uniqueness of her 'unusually good sounding' music instantly indicated that she is far from ordinary in terms of her musical style. Communicating a message through music that resonates with listeners is an extraordinary feat, one that deserves admiration. Such occurrences are few and far between, particularly among emerging artists.

'Time Slips Away' is an astonishing song that immediately transports the listener into a magical realm, both musically and technically. The irresistible atmosphere captivated me from the very first listen. Delanila identifies herself as a movie soundtrack composer, and this song unquestionably aligns with that description. While it may possess a pop-leaning quality that distinguishes it from traditional movie soundtracks, the right energy and ambiance are present, making it a fitting debut.

Delanila, artist photo. Credit: Unknown

'Time Slips Away' also boasts impressive technical standards. However, I must express some mixed feelings regarding the overall sound quality. Despite its remarkable ambiance, I couldn't help but notice potential sound balancing issues throughout the song. I took the liberty of listening to the song from various sources to confirm my observations. While I remain impressed by the overall production, this matter has lingered in my mind.

In summary, Delanila has delivered a magnificent piece of art through her debut single. She distinguishes herself with her unique ideas, compelling lyrical content, impressive vocal abilities, and an irresistible music style. While these elements alone may not fully solidify her authenticity, they undoubtedly showcase her enormous potential. Considering these aspects, I am genuinely impressed by Delanila's debut and believe she possesses all the necessary qualities to emerge as a respected movie soundtrack composer in the future.

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Delanila, artist photo. Credit: Unknown

In conclusion, the Metalhead Community Team extends its heartfelt congratulations to Delanila for her remarkable achievement on 'Time Slips Away.' We wish her continued success and growth in her musical journey. Thanks for reading.

Delanila, Time Slips Away (2019) single front cover artwork. Art Credit: Unknown.


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