De'Wayne - Good Mood ft Grandson - Song Review - Alternative Pop Rock from Houston, Texas, USA

De'Wayne - Good Mood ft Grandson - Song Review - Alternative Pop Rock from Houston, Texas, USA

Today, I am writing about the promising alternative pop rock artist De'Wayne, from Houston, Texas, USA, and one of his singles, "Good Mood," released in 2022.

GOOD MOOD (Visual)

"The official visual for DE'WAYNE's new single "GOOD MOOD feat. grandson" from the upcoming album 'My Favorite Blue Jeans' out October 28, 2022 on Hopeless Records!

Director / Designer / Lead Animator: Ainissa V | @ainissavTitle Design & additional animation: Giulia Bochnig | @wannstrahlstdu"

The first thing I'd like to mention about De'Wayne's "Good Mood" is its branding. I admire the difference professionals make, giving artists the chance to fully express themselves regardless of their situation in their careers. De'Wayne is an excellent example of a talented artist represented by professionals. So, this song is a world-class job.

Regarding the music itself, De'Wayne has a characteristic but familiar blend of alternative, British, punk, and pop rock influences. His personal approach to lyrics and vocal style stood out throughout the song and reminded me of some rap artists, along with Lenny Kravitz. Ultimately, listening to only this song is enough for you to feel convinced of his talent and potential.

Technically, "Good Mood" also has high-end standards in its recording and production. The song sounds just as good as other successful mainstream names being played on TVs and radios every day. The sound has both modern and retro characteristics, with British and alternative rock guitars playing a main role, accompanied by punk rock-ish electronic beats that mimic a punk rock drum sound. British rock guitars, electronic punk rock beats, and De'Wayne's characteristic vocals create a powerful foundation that has considerable commercial potential, targeting both pop and rock audiences at the same time.

De'Wayne, Artist PhotoCredit: Jordan Kelsey Knight

On the other side of the coin, I couldn't stop thinking about Lenny Kravitz since the moment I started watching the music video. De'Wayne has so much in common with Lenny, even though it has never influenced my enjoyment of the music, which can be a testament to the quality of his music. The similarities start with the artist characterization and ending up with the musical, a considerable range of influence.

De'Wayne, Artist PhotoCredit: Jordan Kelsey Knight

In conclusion, listening to "Good Mood" by De'Wayne was a great experience that I couldn't resist sharing my appreciation for. World-class production meets talent, blending British, punk, alternative, and pop rock influences in a modern and mainstream character. I hope you enjoyed the review - thank you for your time and attention.

De'Wayne, Good Mood (2022) Single Front Cover Artwork Credit: Unknown

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