Curtis Lowe - Lost in You - Song Review - Electronic Dance Music from New York, USA

Curtis Lowe - Lost in You - Song Review - Electronic Dance Music from New York, USA
Curtis Lowe - Lost in You - Song Review - Electronic Dance Music from New York, USA

Today, we have the pleasure of featuring Curtis Lowe, the promising electronic music project by New Yorker producer Conor Cook, hailing from New York, USA. In this review, we will delve into his exceptional song, "Lost in You," featuring the captivating vocals of Erika Sirola. Join us as we explore the character, style, story, potential, and more of this enthralling track.

I recently discovered Curtis Lowe through Submithub submissions and was immediately captivated by his fantastic song, "Lost in You," released as a single in 2020. For those who are unfamiliar with the artist, Curtis Lowe is an electronic producer based in New York/Los Angeles and has been making releases since 2019. His musical journey began with the single "Breaking Me" in 2019, followed by five more singles, including "Automatic" (2019), "Sad Bangers Vol. 1" (2019), "Wife You (Curtis Lowe Remix)" (2020), "Hearts Were Meant to Break" (2020), and, of course, "Lost in You" (2020). As you continue reading, I encourage you to immerse yourself in the song, allowing its captivating melodies and infectious energy to transport you.

Curtis Lowe is undoubtedly a highly talented songwriter and producer, showcasing his potential through his tasteful choices, innovative ideas, dynamic energy, and profound understanding of music, particularly evident in "Lost in You." This was my first introduction to Curtis Lowe and his music. As I listened, it transported me back to my younger years when I used to enjoy easy listening and moody music. His music's overall taste and evocative atmosphere reminded me of artists and DJs I admire, such as Morgan Page, Tiesto, and Swedish House Mafia.

I must commend Curtis Lowe for the exceptional decisions made in "Lost in You." Prior to writing this review, I learned that he had worked on this song intermittently, finally finding the opportunity to complete it during the quarantine period. One of the most crucial decisions he made was to collaborate with vocalist Erika Sirola (known for her work with Robin Schulz on "Speechless"). Until then, I had not been familiar with Erika Sirola, but her performance on this song truly blew me away. She has become one of the most impressive female vocalists in my book. At the same time, Curtis Lowe showcases his talent as a songwriter who possesses the ability to produce, mix, and likely master his own music. This is what I admire most about artists like Curtis Lowe—having a clear vision based on knowledge and experience. In this case, he knew what he wanted to achieve with the song, taking his time to perfect it. Being able to take full control of the production and mixing process is a testament to his expertise and dedication. It is this understanding of music that compelled me to emphasize his potential at the beginning of this article.

From a technical standpoint, "Lost in You" upholds top-class standards in musicality. Curtis Lowe's expertise in music production leaves no room for criticism. While many DJs and music producers create and produce their own music, the way he mixed Erika's vocals was mind-blowing. While I enjoyed the song as a whole, Erika's contribution was what truly set Curtis Lowe's music apart from the rest of the industry.

In conclusion, I am thoroughly impressed by Curtis Lowe and his unique song, "Lost in You." Its timeless quality leaves a lasting impression. I extend my congratulations to Curtis Lowe and Erika Sirola for their sensational work on this track. I eagerly look forward to hearing more music from this talented duo in the future.

"Lost in You" is recommended for those who appreciate easy listening, moody, and atmospheric electronic music.

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In conclusion, the Metalhead Community Team extends its warm congratulations to Curtis Lowe for his inspiring work on "Lost in You" and wishes him continued success in his future endeavors. Thank you for reading.


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