Cosmopolis - Parasite - Song Review - Alternative Shoegaze Rock from Australia, Belgium, and England

Cosmopolis - Parasite - Song Review - Alternative Shoegaze Rock from Australia, Belgium, and England

Today, I am reviewing "Parasite" released on March 3, 2023, by Cosmopolis, an independent band, a distant project of three talented artists located in Surfers Paradise (Australia), Brussels (Belgium), and Canterbury (England).

Cosmopolis - Parasite (Official Music Video)

On another rainy Thursday afternoon in our small village in the mountains of Lucerne, I find myself immersed in the captivating sounds of "Parasite" by Cosmopolis. This hallucinating song exudes a slow-burning and moody energy that immediately transports me to its world, especially on a day like this.

First of all, "Parasite" stands out for its familiar musical concept, particularly for those who are acquainted with shoegaze music, and its artistic value shines above everything else. The song features characteristic and theatrical low-key male vocals accompanied by mellow dreamy music. The overall approach carries a minimalistic touch, despite the final result being layered and complex, leaving the listener craving for more.

Moreover, the musical side of the work deserves recognition for its powerful and retro character, blending art-rock, shoegaze, alternative rock, and dream-pop influences. Alongside the charismatic vocals of the lead singer; Gavin Kendall, Cosmopolis showcases genuine potential with their concept in this song. It possesses simplicity, power, and an impressive playability value.

Lastly, the technical aspect of the work showcases the vision and taste of the producer, and their efforts deserve significant credit despite some imperfections. The sound design carries vintage characteristics, focusing on the overall mood and theatricality of the vocals.

Gavin Kendall (vocals, keyboards, guitars) Credit: Unknown

On the other side of the coin, I am well aware of the imperfections, such as unorthodox sound balancing in the general mix, as I mentioned earlier. However, I choose to view them as part of the overall artistic expression, making it a commendable job. There is still room for improvement, and "Parasite" sets a tasty, artsy, and catchy foundation for Cosmopolis' future direction. The song possesses enough character and quality to make listeners excited about the band's music, and it promises even better things to come.

David Hussey (drums, percussion) and Nicholas Platten (guitar, bass, keyboards) Credit: Unknown

In conclusion, listening to "Parasite" was a great pleasure, accompanied by my morning coffee and a cigarette. Captivating dreamy and moody vibes with a vintage sound, blending alternative, art-rock, and shoegaze influences, leaving you wanting for more. Thanks for reading this further, I hope you enjoy "Parasite" as much as I did.

Cosmopolis, Parasite (2023) Single Front Cover Image Art Credit: Unknown

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