Cinemartyr - No Legacy - Song Review - Alternative Progressive Rock from New York City, USA

Cinemartyr - No Legacy - Song Review - Alternative Progressive Rock from New York City, USA

Today I am writing about a promising alternative progressive rock project, Cinemartyr, from New York City, USA, with, No Legacy, off from their latest studio album, Opt Out (2022).

Cinemartyr - No Legacy (Music Video)

Content by Shane Harrington

No Legacy was for me one of those songs that only took around 20 seconds to decide, was enough to give me goosebumps with its artistic vision. Simply one of the most visionary alternative progressive rock projects I have seen in a long time.

The song musically has advanced standards in terms of musicianship as well as authenticity. I think Cinemartyr already has the necessary foundation in their solid musical character, and sometimes that is all you need. However, the band isn't only creative and special in their music, but almost every single detail belongs to their brand. They made me say one more time; "I'd sign them in a heartbeat if metalhead community was a record label."

The band refuses to look like an amateur, showing such artistic vision we don't get to see from many established bands from the top of the mountain. Cinemartyr's No Legacy music video is a lesson to teach us all how things should be done, regardless of what kind of music you are into. And the band made it crystal clear that No Legacy is one of those works we will send each other to show what the aim should be.

Also, I am impressed by the progressive side of things. The prog rock mastermind guitar player; Léon: The Professional who is sharing the foundation with the alternative rock/jazz vocalist, blew me away with his Epiphone guitar with EMG humbuckers (unsure), guitar tones, and with the way he contributed to the ultimate Cinemartyr character. The composition has heavy 80s prog rock influences in it as well as its vintage sound, accompanied by math, jazz, noise, and alternative rock, reminded me of ideas we used to hear from the Canadian pioneers Rush.

On the other side of the coin, I still believe the band has room to improve, specifically with the way handling vocals. The vocalist has enough vision and art in her to get this job done without hesitation, I loved the way she acted and how natural it looked in the end. However, I also felt that her vocal production definitely needs more stylish character. She sounded overly raw from time to time, getting unnecessarily high and bright from time to time. I am convinced about her potential and talent, but unsatisfied with the vocal character in No Legacy.

When I put all these into account, I'd like to say that I am truly impressed with No Legacy, by Cinemartyr. Simply one of the very few most visionary prog-rock projects I have listened to, No Legacy earned its place in our The Next Big Thing In Rock playlist on Spotify. Thanks for reading.



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