Callum Pitt - Slow My Heart Rate Down - Song Review - Indie Alternative Rock from Newcastle, England

Callum Pitt - Slow My Heart Rate Down - Song Review - Indie Alternative Rock from Newcastle, England
Callum Pitt - Slow My Heart Rate Down - Song Review - Indie Alternative Rock from Newcastle, England

Today, we are excited to feature Callum Pitt, an indie alternative rock artist hailing from Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, and his powerful song 'Slow My Heart Rate Down.' Join us as we explore the nuances of this captivating track, its genre, and the artist behind it.

Callum Pitt - Slow My Heart Rate Down (Official Audio)

Callum Pitt is a promising artist in the indie/alternative/atmospheric rock genre, and I first discovered his music through Metalhead Community Submissions approximately three weeks ago with the song 'Slow My Heart Rate Down,' which is part of his latest release 'Poisoned Reveries' from 2019. The band's music style aligns with the current trends often found in soundtracks for movies, videos, video games, and more. Personally, I find solace in the gentle and relaxing melodies present in songs like this, although it wouldn't be entirely accurate to confine 'Slow My Heart Rate Down' to a strict genre definition. This song offers much more.

One aspect that sets the band apart is their exceptional storytelling. They have done a marvelous job crafting this song, skillfully weaving together various elements to create an immersive musical experience. The influence of Bon Iver is palpable, with a similar atmospheric vibe reminiscent of a few of his songs. I often discuss the essential elements of music, and for me, it boils down to the energy and the uniqueness of ideas. Over time, people have shifted their focus to factors such as structure, style, and storytelling rather than solely the melody itself. It brings to mind Quentin Tarantino's approach to filmmaking. Of course, all of these aspects matter, but ultimately, music is about how it resonates within us. This raises the importance of sound quality, specifically post-production, as it directly impacts the listener's ability to feel the intensity of the music. 'Slow My Heart Rate Down' excels in both these areas. When I hear songs like this, I am compelled to lose myself in the music, closing my eyes and letting it wash over me.

Callum Pitt, performing live on stage. Credit: Unknown

Technically, 'Slow My Heart Rate Down' boasts top-class standards, as previously mentioned. Callum Pitt has achieved a sound quality on par with Bon Iver's works, which is truly remarkable. Whether they handled the post-production themselves or collaborated with an experienced professional, the result is fantastic. The instrumentation is well-balanced, the vocals polished to perfection, and every element harmoniously blends together. The song's beautiful moody energy gradually builds, creating tension before gradually receding, captivating the listener and drawing them into its world.

Taking all these factors into account, Callum Pitt has surpassed expectations on multiple levels. Their expertise shines through, establishing them as a seasoned and accomplished band. 'Slow My Heart Rate Down' is poised to garner attention and open doors for the band's future endeavors.

Callum Pitt, in the studio. Credit: Unknown

In conclusion, the Metalhead Community Team extends its congratulations to Callum Pitt for his heartfelt and meaningful song, 'Slow My Heart Rate Down.' We wish him continued success in his musical journey. Thank you for reading.

Callum Pitt, Poisoned Reveries (2019) EP front cover artwork. Art Credit: Unknown