Caleb Hearn - Damage - Song Review - Singer-Songwriter from San Diego, California, USA

Caleb Hearn - Damage - Song Review - Singer-Songwriter from San Diego, California, USA

Today I am writing about a promising acoustic commercial rock artist/singer-songwriter, Caleb Hearn, from San Diego, California, USA, with one of his new singles, Damage.

Damage (Lyric Video)

Caleb Hearn's Damage first caught my attention with its Bon Iver influences. It doesn't take much for the listener to understand that the artist's musical aim is commercial, blending acoustic, alternative, and shoegaze influences in his personal style.

The song also deserves appreciation for its world-class production. It has established industry standards in its recording, mixing, and production, and immediately makes a positive impact on the listener, leaving aside personal preferences.

Musically, everything was built with a commercial approach and the result is quite solid. It has a radio-friendly build with a modern MTV character, a focus on Caleb's voice and vocals, hooky moments, and industry-standard production. Acoustic music has become mainstream over the last few years and songs like these can easily make a hit on every single radio. Damage has that potential, targeting both acoustic music and pop music listeners.

Spotify Streams as of June 5, 2022Credit: C.H. Facebook Page

On the other side of the coin, I've got nothing to add except the fact that I don't necessarily listen to this much commercial and polished music myself. The Bon Iver example earned the world's respect in no time, where he only had to focus in his musicality above everything else. Caleb Hearn is a good looking young Californian gentleman with talent, he will definitely have many shots in his career. After listening to Damage, I know the personal qualities in his work, but the question is which direction he wants to lead. With the right guidance, Caleb Hearn can become recognized by his personality in his music over a mainstream artist.

Artist PhotoCredit: Unknown

When I put all these into account, I'd like to say that I had a good time listening to Damage, wishing Caleb Hearn all the best in his future endeavors. Thanks for reading.



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