Bwq - Up - Song Review - Progressive Rock from Hudson County, New Jersey, USA

Bwq - Up - Song Review - Progressive Rock from Hudson County, New Jersey, USA
Bwq - Up - Song Review - Progressive Rock from Hudson County, New Jersey, USA

Today, we are thrilled to feature Bwq, an upcoming progressive/alternative rock band hailing from Hudson County, New Jersey, USA, and their inspiring song 'Up.' Join us as we delve into the character, style, and potential of this captivating release.

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Bwq came to our attention through Metalhead Community Submissions approximately three weeks ago with their song 'Up,' which is part of their latest single release from 2019. 'Up' showcases a combination of delicious and nonstandard sentences, supported by fascinating instrumentation, a mystic vibe, a moody atmosphere, and captivating vocal melodies. Although the band has opted for a more simplified approach to progressive rock in this song, they undeniably demonstrate potential through their songwriting. The composition, while remaining accessible, possesses an unmistakable allure.

Upon repeated listens, the song effortlessly leaves its imprint in your memory. Surprisingly, 'Up' lacks overtly catchy or hooky elements. However, the amalgamation of Bwq's advanced musicianship, nonstandard ideas, energetic performance, well-crafted chord progressions, and exceptional sound quality makes the experience simply irresistible. The influence of bands like Pink Floyd and Porcupine Tree is evident, adding a touch of brilliance to their music. As I often emphasize the importance of making a difference in one's craft, Bwq sets themselves apart with their unique style, compositions, and ideas. While it is still early to claim an authentic music style, they are undeniably on the right track. Their distinct sound will surely earn the appreciation and, most importantly, respect of their listeners.

Bwq, band photo. Credit: Unknown

As previously mentioned, 'Up' showcases exceptional technical standards in every aspect. The producer has done a commendable job in capturing and conveying the band's true emotions through the music. The verses exude excitement, and one can't help but feel drawn into the world Bwq has created. The song's overall moody and mysterious atmosphere is expertly balanced, with each instrument occupying its rightful place and the vocals polished to perfection. In summary, 'Up' is a brilliant piece of work. Bwq's achievement with this release is nothing short of remarkable. The song possesses a unique feeling that will undoubtedly attract a devoted following.

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Bwq, band photo. Credit: Unknown

In conclusion, the Metalhead Community Team extends its heartfelt congratulations to Bwq for their successful endeavor with 'Up.' We wish them continued success and growth in their musical journey. Thank you for reading.

Bwq, Up (2019), single front cover artwork. Art Credit: Unknown

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