Brew Berrymore - Oh Darling - Song Review - Retro Disco Rock from Bavaria, Germany

Brew Berrymore - Oh Darling - Song Review - Retro Disco Rock from Bavaria, Germany

Today I am writing about the promising alternative disco-rock project; Brew Berrymore, from Bavaria, Germany, with one of their latest singles released in 2022, Oh Darling.

Oh Darling (Official Video)

Recording & Producing: Beatbird StudioMixing: Bison AudioMastering: GKG MasteringVideo: Felix BirkenseerLighting Engineer: Lukas Reinker

Brew Berrymore is a hot prospect from Germany with a solid plan and the right individuals in the collective, bringing a fresh sound inspired by the German people's love of disco and techno beats. After listening to "Oh Darling" and checking their social accounts, I sense that their music is destined for great things in the future. Although I may not be aware of other examples of their disco-rock foundation, their music has a large audience waiting to be introduced.

"Oh Darling" is an invigorating song that immediately draws the listener into its nostalgic world, blending 80s disco elements and rhythms with alternative rock influences, catchy melodies in a radio-friendly structure, leaving a lasting impression after just one listen. The sound design incorporates influences from 80s rock and disco, making Brew Berrymore's music lively, natural, familiar, and retro all at once. The production deserves credit for its successful execution and plays a crucial role in the band's musical expression.

The song stands out for its characterization and individual performances, with the vocalist deserving recognition for his standout performance. He showcases a range of styles with his British accent and can sing with the raw power of a heavy rock vocalist and the melodic charm of a pop singer. With such a versatile vocalist, the German collective has set their sights even higher.

Brew Berrymore, band photoCredit: Unknown

On the other hand of the coin, I must agree with the fact that the plan was perfectly executed and the result is highly satisfying. I see no weaknesses to mention.

Brew Berrymore, band photoCredit: Unknown

In conclusion, I have to admit that I enjoyed listening to 'Oh Darling', even though I am not a big fan of this specific musical style. With an impressive blend of 80s disco and alternative rock influences and an established retro sound, 'Oh Darling' has huge commercial potential. Thank you for reading.

Brew Berrymore, Oh Darling (2022) Single Front Cover Artwork Art Credit: Unknown

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