Blueanimal – Rock Bottom Single Review

Today we are featuring an alternative rock band, Blueanimal, from Orlando, the USA. We have reviewed their new single, ROCK BOTTOM, along with its character, style, story, potential, and more.

Blueanimal is a determined alternative rock band I discovered a month ago with their new single, Rock Bottom, released on March 19, 2021. The band has started their careers with a long-play album called, Hippies & Beauty Queens in 2015. Since then, Blueanimal released one more long-play album, Hollow Heart (2018), and four singles, Climbing (2018), Solid Ground (2018), Better Than This (Radio Edit) (2019), and Rock Bottom (2021). Now, please give the album a listen while reading the rest of the article.

Today, I am going to be writing about a band that was started as a side project by two buddies/friends, and in time turned into their main project. This song is just a piece from a big plan, actually, off from another long-play album that will be released soon. I personally believe that the key to success for bands in the music business is all about showing how special these individuals when they make music together. When I watched the Rock Bottom music video and listened to the song a few times on repeat for the first time, I noted down some conclusions about their strengths and weaknesses that I am about to share with you.

First of all, Rock Bottom is an easy-listening alternative/grunge rock song with the 90s and 2000s nostalgic vibes; reminded me of bands like StaindU2, and REM. The specific moody feeling in the song – especially in the verse section – is very familiar to my ears, which made me think like, “I know this feeling from somewhere.” I would definitely be interested in the band and try to buy their record If I would see this music video playing on MTV back in the 90s. Hands down. It has this flavor in its video and music, and you instantly feel that. I am a big fan of the 90s nostalgia, so it is a pleasure hearing these vibes from a rock band, just like in this example.

The song, on the other hand, has a radio friendly / easy listening structure, as I have mentioned above. It has a lovely groove, especially on the verse section, which immediately catches all your attention until the end. I think everybody loves listening to songs like these on radios. The origins of their sound have two main elements, a powerful blend of blues-rock and 90s rock vibes. The band definitely has the necessary characteristic with their 90s side, whereas they are not that significant with theit blues-rock side.


The weak side of the band starts with their online presence. I must admit that they have a poor job on social media as well as their visuals. I don’t know how fans feel about these things, yet I know from my experience that how much I was inspired and impressed when I saw Mastodon’s visuals and album arts for the first time. This was one of the crucial things that made me a fan of Mastodon. Blueanimal has a history of six long years, yet they still don’t have professionally taken press photos, even individual photos on their social media.

On the other hand, doesn’t matter how much I loved the idea of their music video, I am disappointed with the overall quality of those scenes/images in their video. It seems to me like randomly taken photos from stock footage/image websites and putting them together in some order. So I can’t say that I am anywhere near impressed with their visuals and the artistic vision of their project.

Technically, Rock Bottom has satisfying standards. It is a good-sounding easy listening song indeed, yet it doesn’t have the necessary quality for music fans to spend $100-200 and purchase a vinyl, even if it was possible.

When I take all these into account, I’d like to say that I enjoyed listening to Blueanimal. These American gentlemen have the necessary reasons to stay together and continue making music without hesitation, where they also have got a lot to improve if they want to be successful in their careers.

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In conclusion, Metalhead Community Team congratulates Blueanimal for their new single, ROCK BOTTOM and wishes them the very best in their future careers. Thank you for reading.



Official Website: (Not currently active)
Twitter: @BlueAnimalMusic
Spotify: Blueanimal
Youtube Channel: Blueanimal Band

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