Bend the Future - Reaching For - Song Review - Progressive Jazz Rock from Grenoble, France

Bend the Future - Reaching For - Song Review - Progressive Jazz Rock from Grenoble, France
Bend the Future - Reaching For - Song Review - Progressive Jazz Rock from Grenoble, France

Today, we have the pleasure of featuring Bend the Future, a highly promising progressive jazz-rock band hailing from Grenoble, France. Their atmospheric song, "Reaching For," captivates listeners with its distinct character, unique blend of influences, and undeniable potential.

Bend the Future - Reaching For. Created by Rémi Pouchain using artifical intelligence, michel. AI, to generate video based on frenquecies of the music. More information about the program. Drums : Piel Pawlowski, Keyboards: Samy Chëbre, Bass : Rémi Pouchain, Sax: Pierre-Jean Ménabé, Guitars and vocals: Can Yıldırım, Single Artwork by Egemen Kırkağaç.

Bend the Future emerged as a remarkable discovery through Metalhead Community Submissions, and their debut single, "Reaching For," showcases their immense talent and creativity. It is a privilege to come across such creative musicians, artists, and bands from all corners of the globe, and Bend the Future is undoubtedly among them. Despite being their first release, I have a strong belief in the capabilities of these French gentlemen.

"Reaching For" is a musical delight that will undoubtedly satisfy ambient music enthusiasts. As a fan of this genre myself, I found myself thoroughly enjoying every second of the song. Upon my initial listen, I couldn't help but wonder about the band's cultural background. Few can blend Western and Eastern influences as skillfully as Bend the Future, showcasing a refreshing departure from the dominance of American-influenced music. It is a testament to the growing interest in embracing freshness in all forms of music.

The brilliance of "Reaching For" lies in its simplicity and the creative, authentic, and progressive elements seamlessly woven into the composition. Bend the Future effortlessly captures a mood that allows listeners to lose themselves in the music. What struck me most was their exceptional fusion of Western and Eastern influences, elevating their already rich musical palette. After a few listens, it became clear that advanced musicians like Bend the Future will continue to create effortlessly. Their melodies, phrasing, and flow-building exhibit a level of mastery that hints at their potential to reach the pinnacle of their genre, influencing millions and shaping its future.

Bend the Future, band photo. Credit: Unknown

"Reaching For" boasts exceptional sound quality and production. The recording is clean, clear, natural, and exquisitely engineered, showcasing Bend the Future's commitment to delivering a top-class listening experience. The live recording vibe adds an exciting dimension, inviting listeners to imagine witnessing the band's captivating performance. In an era dominated by technology, Bend the Future's dedication to offering an alternative experience is commendable. Supporting artists and bands that deviate from the tech-oriented trend becomes all the more essential.

Taking all these factors into account, I am thoroughly impressed by Bend the Future's musical prowess. They exude class through their compositions, capturing the imagination of listeners. I can envision donning a suit and attending a "Reaching For" concert with my partner, anticipating an enchanting evening. "Reaching For" marks only the beginning for Bend the Future, and I am certain it will lead to even more remarkable musical endeavors. The song has rightfully earned its place in our Top Alternative Songs Playlist on Spotify.

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Bend the Future, performing live on stage. Credit: Unknown

In conclusion, the Metalhead Community Team extends our congratulations to Bend the Future for their exceptional work on "Reaching For." We wish them continued success in their future endeavors. Thank you for reading.

Bend the Future, Reaching For (2019) single front cover artwork. Art Credit: Egemen Kırkağaç



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