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Today we are featuring an exciting metal band; Bacco, from California, the USA. We have reviewed their promising song; Hollow Hands, along with its character, style, story, potential and more.

Bacco is another promising name, a melodic metal band I have discovered through Metalhead Community Submissions about two weeks ago with this very song; Hollow Hands, off from their debut single release with the same title, which was released on 2019. As you can hear that Bacco’s music style, in general, is a fresh combination of a few different styles. I chose to call them melodic metal band but actually, they don’t fit in any of kind of metal subgenre.

Hollow Hands is a dark song with a mysterious but powerful ambiance, an industrial rock kinda groove, hooky and melodic vocal lines, and a standard structure. The song actually does not offer anything too complex at all. The band has decided to focus more on the rhythm, the actual strong feeling here in my opinion and they succeeded. I listen to tons of new music every day and not so many of them leave its taste on your memory like on this one. For me, it is the atmosphere and the singing style of the vocalist what makes a difference here on this track. And what I liked the most about Bacco is their potential to evolve somewhere truly authentic in time. They have started their careers somewhere that they don’t show too much of any of their influences, which is admirable. I think this is very important as well as their abilities and understanding of music.

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Technically, I can’t say I am fully satisfied with Hollow Hands’ standards to be honest. There are so many tiny yet very important nuances that have caused big damage to the actual potential and the impact of this song. As I have mentioned in some of my previous articles that we don’t expect to hear too much when it comes to an upcoming artist or a band. In this example, I can easily feel the song and the energy from melodies, which is the most important. Additionally, the band is showing potential with their style, ideas, and creativity. In my book, these are enough to keep this name under your radar.

So when I take all these into account, I’d like to say that Hollow Hands is a successful debut that raises many questions in your head about this band (in a positive way). Also, a successful strategical movie that makes you interested in their next move, upcoming release. As I have said earlier, they have the ability to surprise everybody with their potentials, so it is just a matter of time.

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In conclusion, we, as Metalhead Community Team, congratulate Bacco for their successful debut; Hollow Hands, and wish them the very best in their future. Thanks for reading.

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