Bacco - Hollow Hands - Song Review - Alternative Post Rock from California, USA

Bacco - Hollow Hands - Song Review - Alternative Post Rock from California, USA
Bacco - Hollow Hands - Song Review - Alternative Post Rock from California, USA

Today, we have the pleasure of featuring Bacco, an exciting alternative rock band from California, USA, with their promising song 'Hollow Hands.'

Bacco - Hollow Hands

Bacco is a promising and melodic post-alternative rock band that recently captured my attention through Metalhead Community Submissions. Their debut single release, 'Hollow Hands,' which came out in 2019, showcases a fresh combination of different musical styles. Although it is challenging to categorize them within a specific rock or metal subgenre, I would describe Bacco as a melodic alternative post-rock band.

'Hollow Hands' emanates a dark and powerful ambiance, reminiscent of industrial rock. The song features hooky and melodic vocal lines with a standard structure. While the composition does not delve into complexity, Bacco excels in capturing a strong and memorable rhythmic foundation that leaves a lasting impression. As someone exposed to a plethora of new music daily, it is rare for a track to resonate so deeply. For me, it is the atmospheric quality and the vocalist's unique singing style that set this song apart. Furthermore, what impresses me most about Bacco is their potential to evolve authentically over time. They have embarked on their musical journey without overtly showcasing their influences, which is truly admirable. This, coupled with their musical abilities and understanding, is a key strength of the band.

Bacco, Artist Photo. Credit: Unknown

Technically, I must admit that 'Hollow Hands' falls slightly short of fully satisfying my expectations. There are subtle yet crucial nuances that hinder the song's overall potential and impact. However, as I have mentioned in previous articles, we cannot expect perfection from emerging artists or bands. In this particular case, the melodies and the energy are conveyed effectively, which is of utmost importance. Bacco demonstrates potential in terms of their musical style, ideas, and creativity. In my opinion, these elements are sufficient to warrant keeping an eye on their progress.

Taking everything into consideration, 'Hollow Hands' is a successful debut that raises intriguing questions about the band's future. It serves as a strategic move that leaves listeners curious and eagerly anticipating their next release. As I mentioned earlier, Bacco possesses the ability to surprise everyone with their potential—it is only a matter of time.

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Bacco, Hollow Hands (2019) single album front cover artwork. Art Credit: Unknown

In conclusion, the Metalhead Community Team extends heartfelt congratulations to Bacco for their successful debut with 'Hollow Hands.' We wish them the very best in their future endeavors. Thank you for reading.

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