Artificial Silence - Negative Space - Song Review - Modern Progressive Rock from Washington, USA

Artificial Silence - Negative Space - Song Review - Modern Progressive Rock from Washington, USA
Artificial Silence - Negative Space - Song Review - Modern Progressive Rock from Washington, USA

Today, we are thrilled to feature the highly promising progressive rock band Artificial Silence from Washington, USA, and their captivating song 'Negative Space.' Join us as we delve into the intricacies of their latest full-length release, also titled 'Negative Space.'

Artificial Silence - Negative Space

Artificial Silence is an impressive progressive rock band that came to my attention through Metalhead Community Submissions around three weeks ago. Their song 'Negative Space,' from their 2018 album of the same name, showcases the band's undeniable talent and their clear inspiration drawn from the iconic Dream Theater. Dream Theater has undoubtedly influenced countless musicians worldwide, and Artificial Silence successfully blends that influence with their own distinctive character. Their ability to carve their own path within a genre known for strong influences is truly commendable.

'Negative Space' is a captivating track that will undoubtedly satisfy any progressive rock enthusiast with its engaging storytelling, innovative ideas, infectious energy, evocative mood, impeccable sound quality, creative flair, and exceptional musicianship. It is often challenging for bands heavily influenced by established acts to showcase their own creativity and authenticity, but Artificial Silence rises above this challenge, making them a truly special band in my opinion.

The composition is filled with intricate and non-standard ideas and elements. The song opens with a heavenly acoustic intro that evolves into a captivating journey. Artificial Silence demonstrates immense potential on this track. Their ability to offer more creativity than some songs on Dream Theater's recent album, 'Distance Over Time,' is a testament to their talent and originality.

Artificial Silence band together with friends. Credit: Unknown

Technically, 'Negative Space' maintains exceptional standards throughout. The production is flawless, with pristine clarity, natural tones, remarkable balance, expert engineering, meticulous mixing, and masterful mastering. This song stands as one of the best-sounding progressive rock tracks I have heard in quite some time. The energy it exudes effortlessly captivates listeners, drawing them into its immersive world. Every shift in mood within the composition holds significant meaning, much like the varying experiences we encounter in our lives. The atmospheric quality remains consistent, enhanced by the band's rich instrumentation, resulting in a vast and captivating sonic landscape. Considering these aspects, I am thoroughly impressed by Artificial Silence and their potential. They possess all the necessary qualities to ascend to the upper echelons of the progressive rock sphere. All that remains is for them to continue creating music and maintaining their high standards.

Artificial Silence band photo. Credit: Unknown

In conclusion, the Metalhead Community Team extends heartfelt congratulations to Artificial Silence for their phenomenal song 'Negative Space.' Thank you for reading.

Artificial Silence - Negative Space album front cover artwork. Credit: Unknown