Arcaine - Relentless - Song Review - Modern Technical Death Metal from Chur, Switzerland

Arcaine - Relentless - Song Review - Modern Technical Death Metal from Chur, Switzerland
Arcaine - Relentless - Song Review - Modern Technical Death Metal from Chur, Switzerland

Today, we are thrilled to showcase Arcaine, a promising band hailing from Chur, Switzerland, known for their technical and melodic approach to death metal. In this review, we will dissect the album opener, "Relentless," examining its character, style, story, potential, and more.

Arcaine emerges as a promising force in the realm of technical and melodic death metal. Their powerful song, "Relentless," serves as the opening track on their latest full-length release, "AS LIFE DECAYS," which hit the shelves in 2020. Although this specific music style is not one that I typically gravitate towards, my initial impression of "Relentless" can only be described as "badass." Arcaine stands as a prime example of a professional band with exceptional musicianship and a polished image. I invite you to listen to the song while reading the rest of this article.

These Swiss gentlemen have been making music together professionally since 2015. Following a significant hiatus since their debut release, the "DEPTH EP," they have returned with a promising full-length album. "Relentless" serves as the first glimpse into this album, and we have decided to take a closer look at what awaits us.

"Relentless" is a resounding success, boasting a delectable blend of progressive, technical, metalcore, and deathcore elements, all approached with a melodic sensibility. While numerous bands create heavy music, Arcaine distinguishes themselves with their melodic and progressive side. The guitar work, at times reminiscent of metalcore and djent, caught my attention. Surprisingly, even as someone who does not typically listen to metalcore or deathcore, Arcaine's blend proved intriguing. Notably, the song's construction resonated with me. Throughout the track, there are intermittent melodic sections that immediately brought to mind Opeth. It is rare to hear these elements integrated seamlessly into death metal, deathcore, and metalcore bands.

Arcaine also displays great potential through their intelligent songwriting and advanced musicianship. Composing, playing, and performing songs of this caliber is no small feat. As one listens to "Relentless" from start to finish, they become engrossed in its flow. The band avoids the common pitfall of disjointed sections, ensuring a cohesive and memorable listening experience. As I have mentioned in previous articles, many progressive bands craft phenomenal compositions that fail to leave a lasting impression. You might listen to a 10-minute song and forget it entirely. However, Arcaine strikes an admirable balance, leaving a lasting impact.

From a technical standpoint, "Relentless" boasts top-class standards in every aspect. It is undeniably one of the most sonically powerful metal songs I have encountered in recent times. The high mids, dynamic range, atmospheric presence, sound balancing, vocal mixing, and overall harmony contribute to a captivating listening experience. Engaging the listener is the most crucial aspect of any art form, and Arcaine excels in this regard. Admittedly, their sound leans towards the modern side. While I personally prefer a more traditional band-oriented mix, where each instrument blends into a cohesive whole, Arcaine's modern approach is executed with utmost professionalism. I have immense respect for every decision they made during the production process.

In conclusion, Arcaine has left a lasting impression with their debut release, "Relentless," from the album "AS LIFE DECAYS." This powerful track offers a glimpse into what awaits us—an album that promises monstrous, super progressive soundscapes infused with death metal vocals and modern melodic metal elements.

"Relentless" has earned its place on our TOP METAL SONGS PLAYLIST on Spotify! To learn more about Arcaine, follow them on social media, and subscribe to their channels to show your support and stay up to date on upcoming releases.

Finally, as the Metalhead Community Team, we congratulate Arcaine on their impressive achievement with "Relentless" and wish them continued success in their future careers. Thank you for reading.


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