Arai - We Cry - Song Review - Drama Pop from Vienna, Austria

Arai - We Cry - Song Review - Drama Pop from Vienna, Austria

Today, I am reviewing "We Cry," released on December 2, 2022, by ARAI, an impressive theatrical jazz/pop music artist from Vienna, Austria.

ARAI - We Cry (Official Music Video)

Produced & Written by Artur Aigner Mixed & Mastered by Reinhard Rietsch, Markus Wagner, Martin Schober Vocals by Artur Aigner Background Vocals by Selina Edbauer, Jakob Krammer

Music Video directed by Rupert HöllerProduction by Sarah Zaza, Sabine Tatzgern, Annex Productions

Amidst the continuous rainy days in the mountains of Lucerne, I find myself writing about a remarkable artist whom I discovered a few months ago: Arai. "We Cry" has made a lasting impact on me, and I am excited to share my thoughts on this promising artist and their work.

First and foremost, I am thrilled by my discovery, as it has provided valuable lessons in the realm of artistic expression handled by professionals.

One aspect that immediately stands out in Arai's entire project is the meticulously crafted brand value. Every element of Arai's persona exists within a satirical world of classic and modern influences, blending simplicity with musical knowledge, production expertise, and musicianship. This imaginative realm reminds me of Wes Anderson's timeless cinematic masterpiece, "The Grand Budapest Hotel" (2014).

Furthermore, the musical side of "We Cry" shares a strong connection with theatrical music and the world of cinema. Arai has strategically constructed the project to be a significant part of a grand vision, evident in its approach, instrumentation, subject matter, lyrics, and music video. The song itself possesses remarkable artistic originality and can be aptly described as "Drama Pop," a simplified fusion of slow American jazz with theatrical, alternative, and dream pop influences. Arai's visionary prowess has elevated the song to a world-class level.

The technical execution of "We Cry" matches the grandeur of its vision. From the intricate instrumentation to the structure, toning, mixing, characterization, and sound balancing, every aspect showcases creativity and precision of the highest order. Arai has set the bar at a masterclass level.

Lastly, the way Arai's entire persona is built is nothing short of mind-blowing. Regardless of the artist's current discography, the work speaks volumes. Arai exhibits tremendous potential as an actor, songwriter, lyricist, storyteller, and vocalist, demonstrating a multi-faceted talent that knows no bounds.

Arai, artist photo Credit: Annakin

On the other side of the coin, I have nothing negative to add. Arai's work is flawless in its entirety.

Arai, artist photo Credit: Annakin

In conclusion, listening to "We Cry" and discovering an artist of Arai's caliber from Vienna has been an absolute pleasure. Embodying the spirit of Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest concept with the fusion of jazz, theatrics, and pop music, accompanied by world-class production and impressive artistic value. Strongly recommended. Thanks for reading this further, I hope you enjoy "Arai" as much as I did.

ARAI, We Cry (2022) Single Front Cover Image Art Credit: art.of.being.anna

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