Aquacadia - Into Atalantia - Album Review - Vintage Progressive Rock from USA

Aquacadia - Into Atalantia - Album Review - Vintage Progressive Rock from USA
Aquacadia - Into Atalantia - Album Review - Vintage Progressive Rock from USA

Today, we explore the realm of 80s progressive rock with Aquacadia, a captivating blues and progressive rock band hailing from the USA. Their debut studio album, 'Into Atalantia,' beckons us with its vintage charm, showcasing a fusion of old-school music, blues rock, classic rock, instrumental rock, and progressive rock influences reminiscent of Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, Rush, and Blind Guardian.

Aquacadia - Into Atalantia (Official Audio)

Aquacadia came to my attention through Metalhead Community Submissions, and their first full-length album, 'Into Atalantia,' released in 2019, has piqued my interest. This record offers a multitude of elements for fans of various genres, providing a beautiful blend of old-school music, blues rock, classic rock, and progressive rock. Drawing inspiration from notable prog-rock acts such as Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, Rush, and Blind Guardian, Aquacadia showcases their unique character throughout the eight songs on this album.

'Into Atalantia' is a collection of tracks that share common threads while displaying significant differences. Aquacadia's signature style permeates many of the songs, immersing the listener in their characteristic sound. However, the track 'Omega' stands out as a surprising deviation, offering a glimpse into the band's future style or simply serving to intrigue their audience. Whether intentional or not, this decision adds an enigmatic quality to the album.

On the one hand, Aquacadia places greater emphasis on instrumental elements over vocals, creating a captivating experience that unfolds like a movie soundtrack. The use of 'basic sounding instruments' adds a raw and unprocessed quality to the overall sound. It feels as though the band entered a studio, plugged in their amps, and began tracking while jamming. Moments of rich instrumentation, featuring instruments like classical guitar, alternate with stripped-down arrangements showcasing the chemistry between the drums, keyboards, and guitar. The album exudes a beautiful atmosphere and vibe, which remains one of its most compelling aspects.

Technically, 'Into Atalantia' maintains average standards. The band embraces a traditional approach, eschewing modern techniques in favor of a more vintage sound reminiscent of the 70s. While this choice is a matter of personal preference, it is clear that Aquacadia aims to express themselves authentically through this style.

However, the album's post-production poses some challenges. It is difficult to ascertain whether the band worked with a producer or handled production themselves. This inconsistency in the mix, sound, and overall understanding of music between songs is a notable flaw. Certain tracks evoke an 8-bit video game soundtrack, a stark contrast to the album's cover artwork. The reasons behind these discrepancies remain unclear.

Considering all aspects, I maintain a positive outlook on Aquacadia and 'Into Atalantia.' While the album may not resonate with everyone, its potential should not be overlooked. The musicians exhibit considerable talent, evident in specific moments throughout the album. With the guidance of an experienced producer, Aquacadia has the potential to create something truly intriguing.

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In conclusion, the Metalhead Community Team extends its congratulations to Aquacadia for their debut studio album, 'Into Atalantia.' We wish them continued success in their future endeavors. Thanks for reading.

Aquacadia, Into Atalantia (2019) album front cover artwork. Art credit: Unknown