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Today we are featuring another promising death metal artist; Anil Ozbek, from Ankara, Turkey. We have reviewed his hateful debut song; I Hate You All to the Bone, along with its character, style, story, potential and more.

Anil Ozbek is another promising death metal artist I have discovered through Metalhead Community Submissions about three weeks ago with this song; I Hate You All to the Bone, off from his debut EP; Omniscient, which released in 2019. As I always do, I started to read about Anil Ozbek a little bit before writing my review and what I have found was quite unique and impressive. I know that there are so many exceptional people out there trying so hard and reaching their own dreams by their irrepressible efforts. When I think of making and releasing a music album, one has to compose, write lyrics, play all the instruments, sing, record, mix, produce and so on. Anil Ozbek in this matter has even raised the bar by designing his own artwork and releasing the album as an independent artist along with everything that I mentioned above. This, my friends, what I call “pure determination”. Anil Ozbek has earned our utmost respect for everything he has done.

I Hate You All to the Bone is a successful piece of work without a doubt. The general vibe is full of aggression and hate. Our admiration for Anil Ozbek’s efforts was so decisive, we instantly decided to share his music with Metalhead Community readership. As you might also remember from some of my previous articles that we usually look for potential than good sounding songs or incredible productions on debut albums. In this matter, I believe Anil Ozbek is showing great potential with his decisions, composition and of course the energy he put into this record. We are living in an era where there’s no more acceptance for musicians and artists who are only capable of writing and performing. You gotta learn and do much more than that, just like in this example. It is our duty to support and help out real passionate artists such as Anil Ozbek, who put remarkable energy and effort in doing something only for his soul.

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Musically, the song is mostly structured with a brilliant blend of Eastern and Western elements. The general atmosphere is super dark and along with the other death metal elements, it easily channels the energy into the listener. Although there are some chord progressions and tempo changes in the making of I Hate You All to the Bone, Anil Ozbek wanted to keep everything rather simple on this album. Usually, we expect to hear complexity from Death metal just because it is originally one of the most progressive subgenres of metal. However, as I said earlier, this is just the debut of Anil Ozbek. I am sure he has a lot to offer the world on his upcoming releases.

Technically, I Hate You All to the Bone has above standards in every way as well. Apparently, this side of the job wasn’t handled by a professional. But in my opinion, the outcome is still good enough to make the impact and satisfy listeners. Everything sounds clean, clear, very well balanced, mixed and in good harmony.

When I take all these into account, I’d like to say that I am well impressed by everything Anil Ozbek has done in the making of this album. He is musically very talented, intelligent enough to learn, make this dream happen by his super limited resources, and also determined enough to make his own dream come true. I have huge respect for people like him. In my book, there’s nothing that can stop him becoming the greatest death metal artist from his country; Turkey. His debut album; Omniscient might not be the kick he might expect, but it surely reminds me of the beginning of an incredible story.

Please go ahead and check out the links below if you’d like to find out more about the artist, follow him on social media and subscribe to his channels to show your support and also not to miss any upcoming releases.

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In conclusion, we, as Metalhead Community Team, congratulate Anil Ozbek for his incredible job on; I Hate You All to the Bone, and wish him the very best in his future. Thanks for reading.

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