Anil Ozbek - I Hate You All to the Bone - Song Review - Melodic Death Metal from Ankara, Turkey

Anil Ozbek - I Hate You All to the Bone - Song Review - Melodic Death Metal from Ankara, Turkey
Anil Ozbek - I Hate You All to the Bone - Song Review - Melodic Death Metal from Ankara, Turkey

Today, we showcase another promising artist in the realm of death metal: Anil Ozbek, hailing from Ankara, Turkey. His debut song, 'I Hate You All to the Bone,' has arrived with a vengeance.

Anil Ozbek - I Hate You All to the Bone (Official Lyric Video). Vocals: Anıl Özbek. Guitars, bass & drums: Anıl Özbek. Music & lyrics by Anıl Özbek. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Anıl Özbek. Vocal records by Ozan Yıldırım @Deadhouse Studio, Ankara, TR. Lyric video by Gürkan Gürler.

Anil Ozbek emerged as a promising death metal artist through Metalhead Community Submissions. With his song, 'I Hate You All to the Bone,' from the debut EP 'Omniscient' released in 2019, Anil Ozbek's story is both unique and impressive. As I researched Anil Ozbek before writing this review, I discovered his remarkable journey. The sheer determination he displayed in independently composing, writing lyrics, performing all instruments, singing, recording, mixing, producing, and even designing the artwork for his album commands our utmost respect. Anil Ozbek embodies the essence of 'pure determination,' which is deserving of our admiration.

'I Hate You All to the Bone' is an undeniably successful piece of work. The prevailing atmosphere exudes aggression and hatred. Anil Ozbek's efforts and talent compelled us to share his music with the Metalhead Community readership. As I have emphasized in previous articles, we value potential more than polished sound or impeccable production on debut albums. In this regard, the Turkish artist demonstrates great potential through his creative decisions, composition, and the energy he pours into his music. In today's era, musicians and artists are expected to go beyond writing and performing. He exemplifies this, and it is our duty to support and assist passionate artists who dedicate themselves to their craft.

Anil Ozbek, artist photo. Credit: Unknown.

Musically, 'I Hate You All to the Bone' presents a brilliant fusion of Eastern and Western elements. The overarching atmosphere is oppressively dark, complementing the death metal elements and effectively resonating with the listener. Although the song incorporates some chord progressions and tempo changes, the artist intentionally keeps the album's structure relatively simple. While death metal typically embraces complexity as one of its most progressive subgenres, it is essential to remember that this is Anil's debut. We can anticipate that he has much more to offer the world in his upcoming releases.

Technically, 'I Hate You All to the Bone' upholds high standards in every aspect. It is evident that this aspect of the production was not handled by a professional; however, the outcome remains impressive enough to leave an impact and satisfy listeners. The sound is clean, clear, well-balanced, and harmonious.

Considering these factors, I am thoroughly impressed by Anil Ozbek's achievements in the creation of this album. His musical talent, resourcefulness, and unwavering determination to realize his dream command immense respect. While 'Omniscient,' his debut album, may not be the defining moment he envisions, it undoubtedly signifies the commencement of an incredible story.

Anil Ozbek, I Hate You All to the Bone album art. Art Credit: Unknown

In conclusion, we, as the Metalhead Community Team, extend our congratulations to Anil Ozbek for his latest release, 'I Hate You All to the Bone,' and wish him the very best in his future endeavors. Thank you for reading.

Anil Ozbek, Omniscient (2019) EP front cover artwork. Art Credit: Unknown


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