Amended - Timeless - Song Review - Progressive Death Metal from Vilnius, Lithuania

Amended - Timeless - Song Review - Progressive Death Metal from Vilnius, Lithuania

Today we are featuring a promising progressive metal band, Amended, from Vilnius, Lithuania, with their third single, “Timeless”.

Last week, I received many interesting songs from all over the world, and Amended is one of those special names, originally from Lithuania. I am mainly into dark progressive death metal myself, but everything with the same intelligence and dark feeling always interests me. Timeless in this way reminded me of the dark and modern version of Porcupine Tree for many reasons, carrying influences from the pioneers of the genre; Opeth, Ihsahn, and Riverside.

First of all, I am quite positive towards Amended and Timeless. The song has enough creativity and intelligence within to catch attention and earn everyone's respect for its composition, musicianship, energy, approach, and originality. Composition-wise, it has a lot of Opeth, in a tasty manner, less aggressive, less evil. Although the instrumentation has similarities between these bands, Amended didn't choose to follow any band in particular, blended all these influences together in their own way, and Timeless is a good example to look at.

The Lithuanian gentlemen have two sides in music, melodic and heavy. Both are powerful, still have room to improve, and show potential for many reasons. I personally liked the way they built this composition, we don't get to hear such well-structured compositions that often where we can also feel the importance of good balance, to be honest. Amended has the right foundations in their origins, deserves respect for their approach and recognition with their music. From their side, all they have to do is to make more releases, that's all.

On the other side of the coin, I'm afraid the song also has weaknesses in its recording, mix, and production. I listened to the song over and over again and couldn't stop thinking about how much impact this song might have made if it had world-class standards.

First of all, the vocals don't have enough personality and character, I don't think its current standards will even be enough for Amended's musical capability.

Also, Amended doesn't have any video releases so far, and didn't have any impact on me with its visuals and art direction. Everybody knows how much these things mean for rock/metal listeners. Metallica - And Justice For All album artwork was designed in 1988, Amended - Timeless album art in 2022, decide for yourself.

When I take all these into account, I'd like to say that I've had a great time listening to Amended. They show real potential with their approach and musicianship, ready to open for the established bands in their genre once they find the right producer for their upcoming music.

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Metalhead Community congratulates Amended for their release "Timeless", and wishes them the very best in their future careers. Thanks for reading.



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