Al1ce - Drown - Song Review - Dark Electronic Rock from Los Angeles, California, USA

Al1ce - Drown - Song Review - Dark Electronic Rock from Los Angeles, California, USA

Today I am writing about a promising dark electronic rock project Al1ce, from Los Angeles with; Drown, their latest single released in 2022.

Drown (Official Audio)

Drown deserves appreciation for its innovative approach, collective character, and established production quality with the standards of the industry leaders above everything else, reminded me of the electronic version of another successful project that I admire; Woodkid.

Technically the song is a production marvel; crafted, blended, and produced by someone who is simply world-class. You immediately feel the impact of the 3D sound alone, stays with you with its style after listening to the song once. After that moment you know Al1ce has an amazing vocalist with a soothing heavenly voice that you can listen to all day every day.

Musically the song has the finest parts out of modern and retro styles, a great combination of dark electronic post-rock with modern production. Although there are good examples of this kind of music out there that I also follow, Al1ce already earned their respective place in the genre with their progress so far. The truth is that Al1ce will continue making great music cause they have the necessary musical foundations in their art.

Al1ce, performing on stageCredit: Unknown

On the other hand of the coin, there's not much to say except the sound character that can sound overly mainstream for some people. In my case, I guess that was the only reason why this song sounded familiar to me with its sound design, even though I enjoyed listening very much.

Al1ce, band photoCredit: Unknown

When I put all these into account, I'd like to say that I had a good time listening to Drown by Al1ce. Dark electronic rock meets heavenly and melodic female vocals, established musical foundation, and world class production. Thanks for reading.

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