Akkadian - Agenda - Song Review - Modern Progressive Metal from Cambridge, England

Akkadian - Agenda - Song Review - Modern Progressive Metal from Cambridge, England

Today I am writing about a super tight modern progressive metal collective, Akkadian, from Cambridge, England. They came to my attention with their single, Agenda, released in 2021, where they continued their careers with two more singles, Prisoners (2022) and Serpentine (2022).

8 o'clock in the morning, everybody's sleeping, just started staying somewhere in the mountains in Sörenberg after our worlds changed with the Russian invasion of Ukraine which just passed its 100th day, I'm sitting here in front of my laptop and listening to this monstrous song Agenda at max volume in my headphones. Weird shit. But the good thing is, this is the second or the third time I am enjoying listening to this song regardless of how I feel myself since my discovery. These British gentlemen show potential.

First of all, Akkadian has been sending me their music for a very long time. Whenever I get a new song I simply remember, "super tight fellas but not sure if I'll hear any music that I've never heard before this time? Not sure". I think this was until the moment I heard of Agenda and they simply earned my respect. With the right professional approach and guidance, the collective can become the next big thing in metal from the United Kingdom.

Agenda's first impression on me was positive from its first second mainly because I felt some Gojira vibes in their sound. They are modern but they don't sound like digital-metalcore which is my red line, when metal sounds digital it just doesn't speak to me anymore. The tightness in the musicality was so flawlessly represented and supported by the sound design, you immediately get into the music and enjoy the monstrous metal sound.

The musical part rather has a simple approach to its composition, but I love the simplicity and enjoyed it very much. The journey begins with one of the tightest metals in Akkadian's repertoire, which is one of the main strengths of this band, where you also feel Gojira presence. My mention of Gojira stands as a positive thing in my heart while saying it, and that's only because we all have to focus on how we can help Akkadian to make it work.

Additionally, Akkadian is a good-looking band with the necessary amount of artistic character in their frontman Danny Thurston. I also appreciated that Danny Thurston (vocalist, frontman) and Aaron Wright (drummer) were capable of showing personalities and adding character, but in the end, the collective convinced me with their performances in the music video.

Lastly, I also appreciate the artistic approach, vision, and quality of the music video by Life Is Art Visuals, rather than just their efforts. I think this level of work would show any band fantastic there, leaving a beautiful work in the art history, a timeless Akkadian experience for the viewers.

As I mentioned earlier, I am aware of Akkadian for a while now, but for some strange reason they stayed with me as a French band. The interesting thing is, I went into Agenda lyrics while listening to the music and spent a few minutes, never thought about checking where they were from one more time before getting into it. Quite honestly, I couldn't find enough depth in this story and simply left this part without getting anything interesting, cause sometimes writing in English might get challenging for those who aren't native speakers which is totally understandable. Then I got a bit disappointed when I found out that this band was from the UK.

Lastly, I am afraid the Gojira ghost is going to haunt Akkadian if they stop working on improving themselves. This is simply about everything they do. But the good thing is, they are convincing band with their talent. Whenever I find myself in situations like these I ask myself the question, and the answer is that you simply become more of yourself.

When I put all these into account, I'd like to say that listening to Agenda was a great experience, deserves to be in Metalhead Community's Strongly Recommended Metal.


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