Advent Horizon – High Expectations Song Review

Today we are featuring a promising modern progressive rock band, Advent Horizon, from Utah, the USA, with, “High Expectations”, the only single released on Dec 31, 2021, before their upcoming new album release.

Advent Horizon – High Expectations

Advent Horizon is one of the most impressive progressive rock bands I discovered recently, and only listening to their latest single High Expectations was enough for me to be convinced. I heard of the band’s existence with this song, in fact, Advent Horizon started their careers with a long-play debut album; Immure, in 2011, which gives us a hint about the experience level behind their standards. Let me go into details for you.

High Expectations is actually a modern song with a modern sound. The craftsmanship in the opening section has a level we often expect to hear from bands such as TesseracT, as well as changes, flow, and traffic. These gentlemen are quite advanced musicians, show huge potential with their musical ideas in this composition. The way they structured the journey made it impossible to foresee, every time you feel impressed by the instrumentation at some point, they give you a better one right after.

Secondly, High Expectations also has commercial value. Vocals, for instance, one of the pillars of this successful outcome, played a game-changer role in their musical originality. These type of vocals we usually hear from British and alternative rock bands, but more specifically, the personality in the mix reminded me of Matthew James Bellamy of Muse. Hearing such well-performed and blended vocals in progressive rock was nothing but a positive surprise for me in the end.


Advent Horizon – After Show Band Photo

The technical side of things has another decisive role in this outcome, giving life to an incredibly powerful song. I believe the song has world-class standards in its mix, and huge commercial potential with its sound.

When I take all these into account, I’d like to say that “High Expectations” is one of the most promising progressive rock songs of this year, and progressive rock fans should keep Advent Horizon in their radar in 2022.

High Expectations earned its place in our TOP ROCK SONGS SPOTIFY PLAYLIST.

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Advent Horizon – High Expectations Song Review


Advent Horizon Band Press Photo

In conclusion, Metalhead Community Team congratulates Advent Horizon for their new single “High Expectations”, and wishes them the very best in their future careers. Thank you for reading.


Advent Horizon – High Expectations Single Album Front Cover Photo

Advent Horizon – High Expectations Song Review