1st Base Runner – Light Roars – Album Review – Alternative Post-Rock from Austin, Texas

Today I am writing about a promising alternative post-rock project, 1st Base Runner, from Austin, Texas, USA, with their latest studio release, Light Roars.

1st Base Runner – Give Up The End (Official Audio)

“Light Roars” is the 3rd official EP offering from Award-Winning Austin, TX Experimental Indie Rock Multi-Instrumentalist and Producer 1st Base Runner. Following up the acclaimed releases “Seven Years of Silence” and “Ellis” (which charted on the NACC Radio Top 200 for 6 + weeks upon it’s release), “Light Roars” enhances the edgy post-punk, gothic atmospherics and expansive post-rock elements of the project as well as the dark, emotionally poignant lyrical themes.

Give Up The End, is one of my personal favorite rock songs lately, currently sitting at the throne of our The Next Big Thing In Rock playlist on Spotify. In fact, the project came to my attention for the second time today after discovering their music some time ago. Once I find myself reviewing their latest album, Light Roars, realized how much the sound of this album grew in me in time.

1st Base Runner’s music for me has a slightly different story; I feel like writing about music that proved its value to me, yet still keeps sounding better every time I listen to it. The project, in fact, belong to a one-man orchestra and producer, Tim Husmann, who deserves all the respect in the world for his vision, solid musical character, and established standards in his music.

Light Roars is one of the best-sounding alternative post-rock albums I have listened to for some time with so many faces, blends a variety of influences and styles such as post, alternative, grunge, commercial, art, and electronic rock. Whenever I close my eyes while listening to the music, I see a clear Depeche Mode image for some reason. They musically have influences in common, also other qualities such as “rich production” and “the 90s vibes“.

I also appreciated seeing how much the artist developed an original style, and brought it to an established level in the industry. The sound design and musical character perfectly fit together, sometimes gets electronic, sometimes shifts into an alternative rock band format without losing the excitement. Doing the collective work better than many collectives out there is simply impressive.

Lastly, Light Roars deserves respect for its recognizable character, for me, has timeless qualities within. And in my book, this is the highest point you can get in your professional career. The sound immediately pulls the listener into its dark spacy world, leaving a mark in your memory after hearing it once. Both technical and musical blend of these different styles were so on point, making it look easy to achieve.


1st Base Runner – Artist Press Photo
Credit: Heather Gildroy

On the other side of the coin, I’ve got nothing to add, but also feel like the project is suffering from having a satisfying musical video library on Youtube.

1st Base Runner – Light Roars – Album Review – Alternative Post-Rock from Austin, Texas


1st Base Runner – Artist Press Photo
Credit: Heather Gildroy

When I put all these into account, I’d like to say that I had a fantastic time listening to Light Roars album, Give Up The End earned its place in Metalhead Community’s The Next Big Thing In Rock playlist on Spotify. Thanks for reading.


1st Base Runner – Light Roars (2022) EP Album Front Cover Image
Written by Tim Husmann
Produced by Tim Husmann
Mixed by Howard Bilerman (https://www.hotel2tango.com/)
Mastered at Sterling Sound by Greg Calbi and Steve Fallone
Art by Matt Needle
Artist promotional photos by Heather Gildroy

Listen to “1st Base Runner – Light Roars (2022)” on Spotify

1st Base Runner – Light Roars – Album Review – Alternative Post-Rock from Austin, Texas

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