Wretched Tongues - The Absence of Light - Song Review - Modern Technical Deathcore from Manchester, New Hampshire, USA

Wretched Tongues - The Absence of Light - Song Review - Modern Technical Deathcore from Manchester, New Hampshire, USA
Wretched Tongues - The Absence of Light - Song Review - Modern Technical Deathcore from Manchester, New Hampshire, USA

Today, we have the pleasure of featuring Wretched Tongues, an immensely promising modern technical deathcore band hailing from Manchester, New Hampshire, USA. Their super tight song, "The Absence of Light," showcases their raw power and mastery of the genre.

Wretched Tongues - The Absence of Light (feat. Jamie Hanks) (Official Lyric Video). Mixed, Mastered, and Recorded by Jeff Key at Key Recordings. Artwork by Mark Cooper of Mindrape Art. Logo placement by Jake Clark of Interloper Designs. Lyric Video by Scott Rudd. Lyrics by Isaac Campbell.

Wretched Tongues emerged as a captivating discovery through Metalhead Community Submissions, and their latest EP, "The Absence of Light," introduces us to their relentless energy and unique approach. While metalcore and deathcore have dominated the metal scene, I must admit that I haven't been a devoted fan. However, when a band emerges that distinguishes themselves like Wretched Tongues, I am more than willing to immerse myself in their music. Let's take a closer look at what they have to offer.

"The Absence of Light" is a badass, monstrous song that immediately grabbed my attention. The music exudes a tight and malevolent aura, leaving a lasting impact. As a fan of ambient music, I appreciated the small touch that injected new life and feeling into the song. The clean guitar melodies play a game-changing role, serving as the connecting thread that weaves everything together, resulting in an intensely evil composition that spans three minutes. It brings to mind the adage, "God is in the details."

The song itself is an absolute massacre, and I loved every moment of it. The sheer power and attitude it exudes are enough to incite a mosh pit wherever you may be. Furthermore, the elements within the song are expertly crafted and seamlessly interconnected, maintaining the texture and intensity of the overall vibe. As someone who listens to copious amounts of new music daily, I encounter countless exceptional musicians. "The Absence of Light" stands out among them not solely due to its incredible riffs, vocals, or sound quality, but because of its consistent and potent emotional atmosphere—an aspect that truly sets it apart.

Wretched Tongues, performing live on stage. Credit: Unknown

"The Absence of Light" may present some controversial technical standards. While I personally reveled in the meticulous attention to detail and the impeccable production, it is worth noting that differing opinions exist. Surprisingly, a drummer friend of mine expressed reservations, highlighting the unnaturally pristine sound quality. It's essential to remember that preferences vary, and we should refrain from passing judgment. Personally, I would listen to this song regardless—I couldn't care less. The only aspect worth considering is its live performance, as some bands and musicians may opt for a more organic setup. For me, authenticity holds paramount importance, but again, this remains a matter of personal choice.

Taking all these factors into account, I must express my profound admiration for Wretched Tongues. Their dark, malevolent, and moody musical approach resonated with me on a deep level, resulting in an instant connection. "The Absence of Light" has rightfully earned its place in our Top Metal Songs Playlist on Spotify and has secured a spot in my personal playlist as well!

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Wretched Tongues, band art. Credit: Unknown

In conclusion, the Metalhead Community Team wholeheartedly congratulates Wretched Tongues for their groundbreaking work on "The Absence of Light." We extend our best wishes to the band as they forge ahead in their musical journey. Thank you for reading.

Wretched Tongues, The Absence of Light (2020) EP album front cover artwork. Art Credit: Mark Cooper of Mindrape Art



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