White Walls - Darkness, Let The Air Flow! - Song Review - Modern Alternative Metal from Constanța, Romania

White Walls - Darkness, Let The Air Flow! - Song Review - Modern Alternative Metal from Constanța, Romania

Today, I am reviewing "Darkness, Let The Air Flow!" by White Walls, a modern alternative metal band from Constanța, Romania, released on November 17, 2022.

White Walls - Darkness, Let The Air Flow! (Official Music Video)

I remember being struck by this song on my first listen a few months ago for its sound production quality. As I continued listening, I became more curious about the band, especially after discovering that they are from Romania. It's always a great pleasure discovering music with influences from different parts of the world, and I hope you feel the same after giving this song a listen.

First of all, the song has a commercial approach in its foundation. Although the structure has cinematic and progressive elements, it stands out for its "mainstream character". White Walls prefers a modern sound with commercial potential in their foundation, blending alternative metal with progressive and modern melodic metalcore influences in their musical foundation. The song, Darkness, Let The Air Flow! as I mentioned earlier, stands out for its promising character and impressive production standards whereas the band also shows potential with their musical vision to be considered an international contender.

Also, the vocalist makes a big difference with his character, who reminded me of Einar Solberg of Leprous from time to time, and I think that is awesome. He is sincere, talented, and his vocals make a significant difference in the end. I highly enjoyed his vocals, he sounds fresh, interesting, but most importantly doesn't limit himself to only Western influences in his repertoire. I liked that.

White Walls, performing live

On the other side of the coin, I have to admit that the band still has so much room to improve, which is a great thing. One of the things that caught my attention in their Spotify bio that they worked with more than a few world class producers and engineers for their project. In this case, I have to admit that I found the acting in their music video to be poor, even though the video apparently has rich production, handled by professionals. I am personally against band members to act in music videos unless they are professionals, and you can easily feel that at the second half of the video where band members face the woman.

Secondly, I enjoyed everything that is connected with progressive metal in White Walls, but can't say the same for their commercial side. They have the vision, distinctive vocals, fresh influences, and world-class production standards. So it is up to them which direction they'll choose to continue, mainstream or more prog.

Lastly, although I really liked some of the album artworks of White Walls, I wished the band was more consistent with one of these styles, so it can properly become a part of their brand. I am afraid I couldn't make a connection between music, visuals, and subjects that much, especially with the artwork of this track.

Behind the scenes with White Walls during the filming of "Darkness, Let The Air Flow!"Photo Credit: Unknown

In conclusion, listening to "Darkness, Let The Air Flow!" was a great pleasure, but discovering a promising band from Romania makes it more special. Great sounding modern alternative metal song with world class production, blending progressive, commercial, and modern melodic metalcore influences. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy White Walls.

White Walls - Darkness, Let The Air Flow! (2022) Single Front Cover Artwork Art Credit: Unknown

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