We Are Legend - Only God Forgives - Song Review - Traditional Power Metal from Baden-Württemberg, Germany

We Are Legend - Only God Forgives - Song Review - Traditional Power Metal from Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Today I am writing about a promising traditional power metal band; We Are Legend, from Baden-Württemberg, Germany with; Only God Forgives, one of their singles released in 2022.

We Are Legend - Only God Forgives (Official Lyric Video)

Objectively, Only God Forgives is a great-sounding traditional metal song with influences from the 90s heavy metal, power metal, and melodic metal, performed by a talented collective with a traditional approach to this project from the beginning. The end product deserves appreciation for its production quality and musicality, the only question is if it sounds too traditional in the end.

First of all, the musical part of the work convinced me of how experienced We Are Legend actually is. The collective is quite impressive when it comes to traditional power metal, reminded me of some bands I used to listen such as Blind Guardian, Testament, Helloween, and Iced Earth, Only God Forgives alone has enough quality to prove that right. In the end, the song stands out with its traditional character with guitar and vocal performances.

Also, the producer followed a similar path in his sound design and production, designing a sound with a recognizable power/melodic metal character instead of taking it in a different direction. So the musical foundation and sound work in Only God Forgives has a strong bond, they belong to the same world.

We Are Legend, in the studio Credit: Unknown

On the other side of the coin, I also have to admit that Only God Forgives sounded a bit too traditional to me. It's always a great pleasure listening to good old school metal by a special collective such as We Are Legend, but I also expected to hear something that I haven't heard before, at least a stylish sound which could separate their music from the rest of the world.

We Are Legend, band photo Credit: Unknown

When I put all these into account, I’d like to say that I had a good time listening to Only God Forgives. Great-sounding 90s metal song with melodic and power metal influences, reminded me of Blind Guardian, Testament, Iced Earth, and Helloween. Thanks for reading.

We Are Legend, Only God Forgives (2022) Single Front Cover Artwork Art Credit: Unknown

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