Unfound Reliance - Horizons - Song Review - Ambient Post-Metal from Gothenburg, Sweden

Unfound Reliance - Horizons - Song Review - Ambient Post-Metal from Gothenburg, Sweden
Unfound Reliance - Horizons - Song Review - Ambient Post-Metal from Gothenburg, Sweden

Today, we are honored to feature the captivating ambient post-metal band Unfound Reliance from Gothenburg, Sweden and their mesmerizing song 'Horizons.' Join us as we delve into the depths of this depressive and atmospheric masterpiece.

Unfound Reliance - Horizons

Unfound Reliance is a powerful name in the realm of melodic and post metal, and I first discovered them through Metalhead Community Submissions a few months ago. Today, we will be reviewing another gem from their latest EP release 'A Layered Mind,' titled 'Horizons.' Dedicated readers of Metalhead Community Blog might remember our previous feature of their impressive work 'Hellbound' from the same album. This time, the Swedish collective presents a different perspective, offering a romantic and atmospheric acoustic song. Once again, their technical standards caught my attention, emphasizing the significance of sound quality in music production.

'Horizons' is a beautiful composition that evokes strong emotions, immersing the listener in its ethereal world. While the band does not introduce groundbreaking ideas or elements in this song, it carries an impact reminiscent of the acoustic version of Evanescence's 'My Immortal' with an added touch of guitars and new mixing techniques. The band has truly done a remarkable job with the resources at their disposal. It's akin to creating an exceptional movie with a conventional storyline or crafting a delectable dish using familiar ingredients. This attention to detail showcases the band's potential and earns them our highest accolades. I am confident that this song will resonate with countless listeners who will promptly add it to their daily playlists.

Unfound Reliance, band press photo. Credit: Unknown

As mentioned earlier, 'Horizons' exhibits exceptional technical standards. The sound is clean, clear, natural, atmospheric, well-balanced, and expertly engineered, reflecting the remarkable talent of the band members. Their creative ideas harmoniously combine with top-class musical standards. We extend our congratulations to every individual involved in this project, as they have made a significant contribution by offering this beautiful piece to the world. Taking all these factors into account, 'A Layered Mind' represents one small step for mankind and one giant leap for these Swedish gentlemen. With such an impressive album, listeners eagerly anticipate their future releases.

"Horizons" has secured its place in our Top Rock Songs Playlist on Spotify. For more information about Unfound Reliance and to show your support, please check out the links below and follow them on social media.

Unfound Reliance, band press photo. Credit: Unknown

In conclusion, the Metalhead Community Team once again congratulates Unfound Reliance for their wonderful song 'Horizons' and wishes them the very best in their future endeavors. Thanks for reading.

Unfound Reliance, A Layered Mind Album Front Cover Artwork. Credit: Unknown


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