Tommy Vext / The Lone Wolf – Cancel the King – Song Review – Modern Commercial Melodic Metalcore from New York City, USA

Today I am writing about the new modern commercial melodic metalcore project of Tommy Vext; The Lone Wolf, from New York City with; Cancel the King, one of the singles released in 2022.

Cancel the King (Official Music Video)

Tommy Vext wasn’t a familiar name to me but a familiar figure that I knew from Bad Wolves, after discovering them years with their global success on The Cranberries Zombie coverThe Lone Wolf is Tommy’s new solo project and it is a pleasure sharing my honest opinion about his latest music.

Cancel the King is one of the good examples of what mainstream modern melodic metalcore looks and sounds like from the top of the music industry, followed by many young bands out there. Commercially well-polished sound design meets world-class production, focus, talent, vision, strategy, and experience, the artist proves himself to the world one more time as a successful metal music artist who knows how to run his business.

Moreover, Cancel the King stands out with all these qualities, leaving you with a familiar taste, blending the melodic side of Linkin Park with the heavy instrumentation of Killswitch EngageTommy Vext took this idea to the next with his voice, style, and characteristic vocal mix that we usually hear in electronic music. He is a talented singer and is already on his way to becoming a recognizable singer in the mainstream metal world.

The musical side of things has a respective amount of metal that can be a lesson for those who are interested in making a hit metal song. But most importantly, it gives you the impression that you won’t be hearing anything poor by Tommy Vext in the future.


Tommy Vext / Thomas Cummings, artist photo
Credit: Unknown

Objectively, Cancel the King doesn’t have any weaknesses, yet I’d only listen to this specific genre if it played on the radio while driving somewhere. Other times, it is too mainstream for me.

Tommy Vext, artist photo Credit: Unknown

Tommy Vext / Thomas Cummings, artist photo
Credit: Unknown


When I put all these into account, I’d like to say that I had a good time listening to Cancel the King by The Lone Wolf, the new project of Tommy Vext. A solid example of modern commercial melodic metalcore with world-class production. Thanks for reading.


Tommy Vext / The Lone Wolf

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