Toluca - Orobas - Song Review - Post-Black Metal from Moscow, Russia

Toluca - Orobas - Song Review - Post-Black Metal from Moscow, Russia
Toluca - Orobas - Song Review - Post-Black Metal from Moscow, Russia

Today, we turn our attention to Toluca, a promising post-black metal band hailing from Moscow, Russia. In this review, we delve into their powerful song, "Orobas," exploring its character, style, story, potential, and more.

Toluca is a new and captivating death/black metal band that entered my radar about two months ago with their highly atmospheric track, "Orobas," featured on their latest full-length album, "Soras," released in 2019. Since their inception in 2012, these Russian musicians have cultivated a unique sound and artistic vision. "Orobas" stands as the second track on their latest release, and it exemplifies the band's ability to create music that distinguishes them from the countless bands within their genre. I encourage you to listen to the song as we journey through the rest of this article.

Slavic art, akin to Scandinavian art, possesses a distinct and evocative quality, reflecting the depth, darkness, and emotional intensity embedded in the culture and history of its creators. As an avid enthusiast of this dark perspective, I was captivated by Toluca's introduction through "Orobas." The song not only showcases their creative prowess but also establishes a unique ambiance that sets them apart from their contemporaries. In today's era, originality and authenticity are paramount, and Toluca exhibits the qualities that will ensure their longevity.

With a poignant beginning and an equally poignant end, "Orobas" embarks on a somber and dramatic journey, enveloping the listener in its tense yet captivating atmosphere. While I haven't delved into the lyrics, the music alone possesses the power to evoke strong emotions. Personally, I find listening to heavy music in the Russian language to be a compelling experience, influenced by bands such as Kursk and Tol. Toluca continues this tradition, forging their path with remarkable music sung in their native language.

Technically, "Orobas" exceeds average standards in every aspect. It is a refreshing departure from the prevalent use of electronics and computer-generated sounds often found in deathcore and metalcore bands. Toluca opts for a more natural approach, infusing their music with a dramatic black metal atmosphere, resulting in an irresistible vibe. It is truly an exceptional piece of work. Although I won't delve into technical intricacies extensively, it's worth noting that black metal enthusiasts often prioritize rawness over sound quality. Toluca strikes a balance, delivering a sound that retains the raw essence while ensuring a level of refinement. While I haven't explored Toluca's other songs yet, they have undoubtedly piqued our interest.

Taking all these factors into account, I am thoroughly impressed by Toluca. As I previously mentioned, their distinct musical character sets them apart. "Orobas" can be likened to a death metal counterpart of the legendary Polish doom metal band, Riverside. Toluca embodies darkness, atmospheric intensity, grief, and rawness, establishing a solid foundation for their music.

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In conclusion, the Metalhead Community team wholeheartedly congratulates Toluca on their powerful creation, "Orobas," and wishes them continued success in their future endeavors. Thank you for reading.



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