The Warrior’s Way - Chapter 0.5

The Warrior’s Way - Chapter 0.5

July 7th, Saturday.

This isn't the first time I've considered writing about my life experiences, nor is it my first day of writing. It's just one piece of a larger plan that I have yet to fully understand or uncover; a small, insignificant part of it.

It's around 13:55 on a sunny day in the Swiss Alps, just before I leave home for a brief respite. This break has been long overdue, a chance to shed the burdens we were never meant to carry, especially not my children.

The morning started like any other, except today I opted for a Nescafe instead of coffee. I carried with me the weight of anxiety and various negative emotions. There was much to pack for the road trip, including submissions to review on Submithub. I needed to ensure I could endure the two-day drive without being pulled back into work-related matters.

After dealing with these tasks and enjoying my first cigarette, my thoughts turned to the disappointment I felt regarding my album recording project. My mind was a chaotic mess of preparations before embarking on today's long journey. My son and I took a long walk while my wife practiced yoga at home with her friend. It was one of the few activities that helped me regain my focus and escape the chaos in my head. Later, as is my habit, I continued to smoke, contemplating the chaos and basking in the sunlight.

"The Warrior’s Way" is nothing more than a perspective I'm envisioning for myself at the end of this short break. It's the story of an ordinary person living abroad, on a path to becoming extraordinary through their experiences. Currently, I sit in my small office, typing this on my phone while waiting for my wife to call my name and ask if I'm ready and packed, which I'm far from.

I've embarked on writing "The Warrior’s Way" without a clear end goal in mind. Perhaps the mere possibility of it will help me become a better person, a better warrior, a role I've always struggled to fulfill. Talking to oneself, making decisions, and failing to keep promises to oneself have defined me up to this point. It's not what I ever wanted or planned, but I've come to the conclusion that it's the only way out of my misery and current situation. I want to believe that I've tried, even though I've failed in recent years, leading me to seek alternatives, a completely different approach, a foundation that doesn't crumble, a story for everyone. Thank you for reading this far. Now, I must request a brief leave from myself, set aside the phone, and pack my modest belongings. Afterward, it's just another day, another checkpoint in our seemingly insignificant lives, until it's not.

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