The Nietzsche - Vasyl - Song Review - Modern Mathcore / Hardcore from Odesa, Ukraine

The Nietzsche - Vasyl - Song Review - Modern Mathcore / Hardcore from Odesa, Ukraine

Today I am writing about a promising modern mathcore/hardcore band; The Nietzsche, from Odesa, Ukraine with; Vasyl, off from their debut studio album, The Parnassus, released in 2018.

The Nietzsche - Vasyl (Official Music Video)

"'My people! It is to you I am returning.In death I somehow find my fate.I turn my pained but goodly face to living'— Vasyl Stus

Vasyl Stus died after he declared hunger strike on September 4, 1985 in a Soviet forced labor camp for political prisoners Perm-36 near the village of Kuchino, Perm Oblast, Russian SFSR, where he had been transferred in November 1980.

Recorded at Revet Sound

Directed, written and produced by Eugene Tymchyk.Filmed by Ilya Prizenko.Edited and co-produced by Oleg Rooz

We'd like to thank Agency of Internet Rights for a filming location:

Special thanks goes to Yuliia Melnyk, Alexander Kostuchenko, Tementiy Pronov, Maksym Serdiuk."

This isn't the first time I am writing about The Nietzsche, the band that I consider one of the greatest Ukrainian metal bands in 2022, especially after experiencing and going into all details about one of their most listened and appreciated works; Vasyl.

In my book, Vasyl is a successful example where artistic value meets industry-leading production standards, combined with the distinguishing collective character and concept of these proud Ukrainian gentlemen. My understanding of true potential fits what this band has done in their debut album conceptually, musically, and visually, exceeding all expectations from an up and coming band.

The game changer moment was once I found out how many layers of vision they added to their work. Watching Vasyl music video, reading about its story, and then about The Nietzsche were enough to convince me about the potential of this band, an experience that separated this band from the rest of the world.

The musical side alone has also got enough quality and vision to make an impact, simply a fine example of modern progressive music. The musical foundation of Vasyl sits on modern alternative rock, blending influences of modern metalcore, progressive rock, math-rock, alternative rock, and hardcore. The tonality has a warm, natural, and wooden vibe in it that I loved the most, as well as the real sounding instrumentation and headroom. Afterwards, finding out that Vasyl was recorded and co-produced in Revet Sound by Sergey Knob wasn't surprising at all, who simply took their music to the industry-leading level and gave us the opportunity to see their true potential.

The Nietzsche, band photoCredit: Unknown

On the other side of the coin, I've got no weaknesses to mention, except that the sound design can still get more personal and stylish even though the song already sounds bulletproof.

The Nietzsche, band photoCredit: Unknown

When I put all these into account, I'd like to say that The Nietzsche is one the unique examples that make international music in Ukrainian language, and also happens to be from my hometown, Odesa. Powerful concept meets artistic value, layers of vision, collective character, and world-class sound production with influences from mathcore, hardcore, progressive, and modern metalcore. Thanks for reading!

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Vasyl - Song Review - Modern Mathcore / Hardcore from Odessa, Ukraine

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