Takatak - Volition - Song Review - Modern Progressive Metal from Lahore, Pakistan

Takatak - Volition - Song Review - Modern Progressive Metal from Lahore, Pakistan
Takatak - Volition - Song Review - Modern Progressive Metal from Lahore, Pakistan

Today, we have the honor of featuring Takatak, a promising modern progressive djent metal band hailing from Lahore, Pakistan. In this review, we will explore their game-changing song, "Volition," analyzing its character, style, story, potential, and more.

I discovered Takatak two months ago through Submithub submissions, and their amazing song "Volition" immediately caught my attention. Released as a single in 2020, the band officially began their musical journey in 2019 with the EP "Out of Something," followed by a series of impressive singles including "Fault Lines," "The Whale," "Voyager," "Volition," and "Phantom." As you continue reading, I encourage you to immerse yourself in the song, allowing its essence to captivate your senses.

Takatak is a rising-star band with the potential to become one of the leading acts in their genre worldwide. It brings me immense joy to witness the rise of such a sensational metal band from Pakistan, delivering incredible music that leaves a lasting impact. I still recall watching the lyric video for "Volition" for the first time, and within the first minute, I knew I was in for something truly special.

As a self-proclaimed fan of everything connected to progressive metal, Takatak embodies a modern interpretation of the genre that resonates with my musical preferences. While the individual elements of their music might not sound distinctively authentic, it is the combination of these elements that showcases the greatness of Takatak. Drawing inspiration from bands like Linkin Park, Animals as Leaders, Dream Theater, and Killswitch Engage, Takatak has crafted a unique character that has already made a massive impact. In my assessment, "Volition" is an epic piece of work, a seven-minute instrumental journey where two different vocal types engage in a constant battle, navigating the dynamics until the climactic end.

Moreover, "Volition" boasts top-class sound quality and production, playing a pivotal role in the song's irresistible allure. Takatak demonstrates their potential through meticulous instrumentation, creative decision-making, and compositional skills. It takes a remarkable talent to create such meaningful compositions with a level of complexity that captures the listener's attention. Witnessing the emergence of a new band from Pakistan with such prowess has filled me with immense happiness, as the younger generation now has a band, an internationally respected hero, to look up to and follow.

From a technical standpoint, "Volition" upholds top-class standards that parallel its musicality. The song envelops listeners with its clean, clear, atmospheric, and impressive sound, showcasing a remarkable depth. The engineering, balance, mixing, mastering, and overall harmony are a testament to the band's exceptional attention to detail. This is undoubtedly one of the best-sounding progressive songs I have come across recently. The vocal layers in particular demonstrate an impressive range, further contributing to the overall satisfaction of the track.

Considering all these elements, I am simply blown away by Takatak. "Volition" stands out as one of the most promising progressive metal songs we have discovered thus far. To be honest, I am at a loss for words to adequately convey my admiration. These talented individuals possess all the necessary ingredients to reach new heights, transcend their geographical boundaries, and make the world a better place through their music. In my estimation, the world would rejoice in hearing their name and discovering their music—it is now in their hands.

"Volition" is recognized as a Strongly Recommended Metal track by Metalhead Community and has secured a spot in our Top Metal Songs playlist on Spotify.

For those eager to delve deeper into Takatak's work, I encourage you to explore the provided links. Connect with them on social media, subscribe to their channels, and show your support to ensure you never miss any upcoming releases.

In conclusion, the Metalhead Community Team extends its heartfelt congratulations to Takatak for their achievement in "Volition" and wishes them the utmost success in their future endeavors. Thank you for reading.



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